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A Spray Dryer from GEA is carefully designed to meet the highest standards for production of food and dairy powders.

Optimum Spray Drying Solutions for Nutritional Formula

GEA designs spray drying plants that comply with the strictest dairy processing regulations and meet the highest standards of safety, hygiene and plant performance. We offer a broad range of spray dryer designs, and work with our customers to configure each plant to match the requirements for optimal operation as well as very specific product composition and properties.

Optimal powder properties

Nutritional powders are typically made as agglomerates during the drying process, to give them the requested specific properties. These include a powder structure that allows easy reconstitution in water by the consumer, as well as a uniform bulk density, which is vital for uniform filling of the can or sachet.  

The GEA NIRO® MSD® spray dryer is recognized for producing the highest quality of agglomerated products and represents the gold standard in the dairy and nutritional products industry. GEA spray drying technology can be configured to or modified to optimize desired product properties.  

On top of this all GEA dryers, and especially the ones for nutritional powders, are designed to the highest hygienic standard. This is vital for a consumer product such as Infant Milk Formula. Therefore, plants for nutritional products are equipped with the best possibilities for CIP cleaning inclusive of complete drying prior to production and inspection.

Plant optimization

A GEA spray dryer can remain in continuous operation for many weeks. This contrasts with the evaporation and dryer feed systems which require frequent cleaning to achieve tight microbiological limits needed for nutritional formula. The addition of supplementary evaporation and feed systems to the plant means that the spray dryer can operate at full capacity on the second evaporator and feed systems while the first set is cleaned. This results in fewer start/stop sequences of the dryer, decreasing deposits and therefore the frequency of dryer cleaning, resulting in greater availability of the dryer for production.

GEA has applied computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations and other state-of-the-art design processes to develop the perfect spray drying chamber. Optimized drying conditions lower the risk of powder being deposited on the chamber walls, and so reduce the need for cleaning, as well as reducing the amount of air and energy needed for the process. Features such as heat recovery also contribute to improved energy efficiency. GEA technologies can, for example, reuse the energy from the dryer exhaust air to preheat the main drying air for the spray dryer.

Our innovative spray drying technologies include new CEE high efficiency cyclones. This new cyclone design was developed to achieve increased recovery of powder from the spray dryer exhaust air, and so can help to maximize product recovery. These cyclones are also less prone to smearing and deposits which ensure dryer run time is not being limited.

GEA can also configure sophisticated digital software solutions into our spray drying plants that combine with GEA’s process design and operational know-how to help ensure that product quality requirements are consistently met, and to help improve efficiency and reduce energy and resource consumption.


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