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Refrigeration & heating
With a keen focus on sustainability, which includes the use of natural refrigerants, GEA’s comprehensive portfolio derives from decades of innovation and industry leadership in industrial refrigeration and heating. From compressors and packaged compressor systems to chilling systems, heat pumps, controls and more, industry professionals across the globe place their trust in GEA to provide high-quality, reliable, efficient equipment for their processes and applications. Get in touch now to learn more about our products and services!

GEA’s emphasis is on the use of reliable, energy-efficient design, natural refrigerants and innovative energy-reuse systems. Our solutions help to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint 
  • combat the effects of global warming
  • allow more products to reach their intended destination 

In parallel with our industrial cooling solutions, GEA has developed heat pumps that are recognized as some of the best sustainable solutions worldwide. Our heat pumps are designed to capture and repurpose waste heat back into the manufacturing process, so that this valuable heat energy is not just lost to the atmosphere. By closely evaluating your ROI, you can be assured that our industrial heat pump solutions align with both your financial and environmental interests.

GEA Industrial Refrigeration Solutions - GEA Piston Compressor Packages at a Processing Facility

GEA Industrial Refrigeration Solutions - GEA Piston Compressor Packages at a Processing Facility

Industrial heating and refrigeration: Our products at a glance

Discover our comprehensive range of industrial heating and refrigeration products, designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability and innovation. As a global player in the industry, we combine our extensive expertise with state-of-the-art technology to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for your every business need.

  • Compressors: Discover premium-quality screw, gas, and piston compressors to optimize your processes in a variety
GEA's Sustainable Engineering Solutions

SEnS - GEA's Sustainable Engineering Solutions

A unique integration of process solutions and cooling & heating demands, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.
Heat to Cool - Using heat pumps to cool our warming planet

Heat to cool our planet for generations to come

If the ambitious targets set in the historic Paris Agreement are to be achieved, we need to accelerate heat decarbonization and create a better world for our future generations.

Heating & refrigeration

Kids drinking milk

Aurivo entrusts in GEA to create sustainable liquid milk facility

Aurivo, Ireland’s second largest liquid milk processor, has cut CO2 emissions at its Killygordon site by 80%, thanks to GEA’s integrated milk processing and refrigeration & heat pump system.

GEA heat pump plant installed at Mars, the Netherlands

GEA's energy-saving heat pump solution for Mars, Inc.

Mars reduces OPEX and carbon footprint with GEA industrial heat pumps. Sustainable engineering solutions for food, beverage and dairy processes.

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