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Proven efficiency in a number of variations: Batch Milking

Celebrating over 10 years of experience

Batch Milking

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Batch milking is far from new territory for GEA. We have been milking cows in groups and fixed times in regular milking parlors for more than 70 years. And in the last 10 years, we've been showcasing our competence in batch milking with automatic machines. From tailored systems for small herds, to milking setups for 12.000 cows we are offering solutions for all needs.
GEA milking robots: efficient robotic milking for any farm of any size

GEA DairyRobot R9000

Benefit from top milk quality, productivity and efficiency with a system that can work with any herd size or management style. Automated milking systems from GEA are used worldwide as box systems or as fully-automated rotary...

The most powerful rotary milking system from GEA’s DairyRotor product line

GEA DairyRotor T8000

With a rotary milking parlor from GEA ‘s DairyRotor line you can milk more cows in less time while reducing labor input. Maximized throughput, increased durability, and higher efficiency form the basis of this profitable in...

Side-by-side parallel milking parlor Global 90i from GEA’s DairyParlor Line

GEA DairyParlor

GEA offers a wide range of solutions for the milking parlor that suits you best. Whether you are a small- to medium-sized farm, large commercial operation or pasture-based, the GEA DairyParlor line can be adapted to individual...

Intelligent and automated feeding: MixFeeder WIC

Automated Feeding Systems

Performance-oriented feeding is a key factor for high milk quality and rising yields: Take advantage of the work management benefits of an automatic feeding system from GEA’s DairyFeed product line for the individual feed supply...

GEA ProManure E2000, product solutions for sustainable manure management in agricultural business

GEA ProManure E2000

GEA ProManure offers you intelligent manure technology from manure removal systems in barns to distribution in fields or efficient exploitation, however our systems are also ready for more sustainable demands, such as manure...

DairyMilk M6000

GEA DairyMilk M6000

Optimize the milking process with your choice of milking equipment: From cow health and heat detection as well as milking control units, milking clusters and liners all the way to vacuum pumps, GEA’s DairyMilk product line has...

GEA Cooling C5000

GEA Cooling C5000

The refrigeration of milk is essential to maintain its quality, prevent bacterial growth and avoid constituent changes during processing.

Please note that this is a global webpage. For more information on the availability of...

With GEA’s herd management: intelligent analysis, profitable choices:

GEA Herd Management

Simple to use, with consistantly updated functions: Herd management tools by GEA connect with the most modern sensor technologies and through intelligent functions make them accessible for milk farmers. Discover ways of managing...

DairyService S1000


Thanks to our strong global dealer network, we offer comprehensive services for dairy farms of all sizes. Our global DairyService portfolio supports you every day: in maximizing milk quality, enhancing parlor efficiency, optimizing...

Next generation farming creates a maximum of flexibility for you, strengthens cow welfare and fosters sustainability. Our portfolio encompasses integrated solutions for efficient and sustainable high-quality milk production and livestock farming. This includes automatic milking and feeding systems, conventional milking solutions and digital herd management. GEA manure management solutions ensure operators have the right tools for the safe storage, application and upcycling of this important resource.

All solutions are served and fully embedded into our service lifecycle. They are complemented by a wide range of hygiene products and chemicals to promote optimum udder health and superior milk quality.


GEA Farm Tour

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Dairy farming at GEA


Next Generation Farming for a better World

You live dairy farming and always watch out to drive your business forward? Whether you want to become more flexible, increase the well-being of your cows or optimize your processes for the next generation – with our intelligently connected solutions in milking, feeding and manure management we support you in your individual goals.
How cutting-edge milking technology promotes animal health and a more attractive workplace

A new era of relaxed milking with GEA DairyProQ

The Kielstras knew right away that GEA’s automated rotary milking parlor DairyProQ would help them realize their dream of a faster, more efficient operation with healthier animals
Sisters Lesley and Katie Bryson with their children at Carl-Lou Farms

GEA Automated Milking System customer story

Female owned dairy farm upgrade milk efficiency and herd hygiene, with the latest GEA Automated Milking System
World milk day 2021

World milk day

Quality, safety and sustainability - from field to final packaging

Since 1893 GEA has been working in the dairy industry providing expertise and efficient solutions to promote more sustainable milk production. From the field through to end-of-line packaging, we work with customers to build quality, safety and sustainability into all processes

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