Premium thermoforming packaging machine simplifies user’s life

More control and easier handling for high-quality horizontal packaging

GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machines have been developed to meet food producers’ demands for greater flexibility. The specific features lead to significantly reduced operating cost and higher productivity. GEA PowerPak PLUS sets new standards in efficiency, precision, availability and quality. Top and bottom web motorized and stabilized unwind systems, with automatic alignment, ends daily film issues. A newly redesigned sealing station offers easier access and safer handling.

Main applications

The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine packs food products such as meat and processed meat products, cheese, fish and seafood, vegetarian or vegan products, fruits and vegetables or dairy and bakery products. All well-known package types – such as MAP, skin and vacuum packs or sustainable solutions such as the GEA FoodTray - can be produced. More details in the specifications.

Main applications GEA PowerPak Thermoformers

Key benefits

Ensure controlled and high-quality packaging processes

  • Axial positioning systems for bottom and top webs automatically compensate for layer offset and sheet running
  • Minimized risk of film wrinkles or misalignment: safe film unwinding and sealing seam quality is ensured
  • Innovative top film tensioning system and motorized film unwinding allows the use of extremely thin films
  • Both webs perfectly positioned thanks to automatic axial adjustment of top and bottom film

Better hygiene, easy access and simple handling 

  • Registration of film deviation by motorized web edge control and controlling of axial positions of both films
  • Automatic film replacement positions shorten replacement times and reduce film consumption
  • No mechanical brake mechanisms mean protection of dust and dirt
  • Redesigned sealing station with vertically movable safety doors for easy and quick access

Reduce the costs of the packaging process and raise the production capacity

  • Up to €30.000 savings on packaging materials and labor costs per year
  • Up to 210 hours more production time per year
  • Up to 1.200.000 packages more per year
  • Over 98% uptime, monitored and proven in the field

General benefits of GEA PowerPak series are also applicable to the GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machines.


More details to GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machines
Motor-driven film unwinding and web tensioning system
PowerPak PLUS detail TiroLabel

The unwinding systems for the top and bottom films are motorized and synchronized with the machine's advancing cycle. Working with the innovative web tensioning system, they allow controlled unwinding and a simplified and secure film path. This means optimum film tension due to extremely low and even force progression on the sealing seams.  An automatic film replacement position, and a simplified and shortened film path, cut film replacement times and film consumption when changing.

Motorized axial web positioning for top and bottom web
Motorized bottom web positioning system

Motorized axial bottom web positioning system

The machine runs fully automatically and has high uptime. Infeed of the bottom and top film is safe, and they fit accurately to each other. Due to constant monitoring by adjustable tolerances the positioning of the film in an axial direction is safe and flexible. The machine regulates itself, so no manual intervention is necessary. Machine downtimes are minimized. There are two-sided web reel supports on both the bottom and top web.

Sealing station with sliding safety doors instead of safety covers
Sealing station with sliding safety doors in closed system

Sealing station with sliding safety doors in closed position

For better protection and easier handling, the whole GEA PowerPak PLUS sealing station is equipped with vertical sliding safety doors. The doors are hinged to rails embedded into all four sides of the frame and made of perforated stainless steel or acrylic glass for a better view inside. In the up position, the doors shield the sealing and gassing process. When moved down, all components of the station are instantly in reach.

Types of products

The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine is perfect for the safe and reliable packaging of food products, sliced or whole pieces, such as meat and processed meat products including sausages and cold cuts, cheese or dairy products, fish and seafood, vegetarian or vegan products, fruits and vegetables as well as pastries, and other baked goods.

Types of packages
GEA FoodTray sustainable packaging

The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine can be used to create different kinds of packages such as: vacuum packages; Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP); skin packages; shrink packages; re-closable packages such as zipper or top forming; environmentally friendly packages such as a combination of film and fiber-based materials as used in the GEA FoodTray; or mono-plastic material.

Safety certifications

The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine meets all current international standards for safe machine operation and hygiene regulations. It has achieved the following certifications: EU machine directive 2006/42/EC compliance, CE and BGN, UL approved (optional), and US Dairy 3A (optional).

Product specifications
Thermoforming packaging machinePowerPak PLUS 460PowerPak PLUS 560PowerPak PLUS 700
Machine Width460 mm560 mm700 mm
Film Width320, 360, 420 mm240 - 420 mm430, 440, 450, 460 mm
Max. index length400 mm400 mm600 mm
Max. draw depth130 mm130 mm130 mm
Max. frame length6.000 mm12.000 mm12.000 mm


Options to GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine

Thanks to its modular design, each GEA PowerPak PLUS machine can be assembled individually to match any food producer’s demands perfectly. The machine has different kinds of product and web feeding systems, heating, forming, sealing, and cutting possibilities. It also offers various solutions for robot loading, slicing, labelling, quality control, sorting and lane converging that can be fully integrated. With these Add-Ons, you can turn your thermoformer packaging machines into a complete packaging system.

GEA OxyCheck
GEA OxyCheck

GEA LeakCheck

An in-line quality control system that checks the residual oxygen content of every single Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP) that leaves the GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS thermoformers. It is the world's first non-invasive oxygen measurement system for MAP, and the only solution currently available for in-line quality control that inspects all the packages produced. The GEA CombiPick package sorting and converging system automatically rejects packages with the wrong oxygen levels.

GEA LeakCheck

Identifies leaks after the form-fill-seal process, ensuring the shelf-life of the product. Based on a non-invasive technique, as with the GEA OxyCheck, this in-line control system checks the seal integrity of all MAP packs produced by GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS thermoformers. 100% monitoring and accurate working system. Automatically rejects packages with leaks using the GEA CombiPick package sorting and converging system.

GEA TiroLabel PLUS
GEA TiroLabel PLUS spring loaded pins

A cross-web labeling system for perfect integration with GEA and non-GEA thermoformers. Operating and programming is simple. Extremely high operating speed. Fast and flexible conversion. GEA TiroLabel PLUS provides reliable results, even on uneven surfaces. A motor-driven positioning unit on top and bottom with spring-loaded pins enables non-pneumatic labeling of MAP, vacuum, and skin food packs with millimeter accuracy.

GEA EasyCheck
GEA EasyCheck

A 3-in-1 content inspection system to reliably detect incorrect weights and metal contaminations of the food packages after the form-fill-seal process. GEA EasyCheck has a product rejection system integrated, which sorts out metal-contaminated packages or those with incorrect weights and products identified also by other inspection systems such as GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck.

GEA EasyGuide & PowerGuide
GEA PowerGuide

GEA PowerGuide

GEA EasyGuide and the GEA PowerGuide converger family are versatile transport solutions for the out-feed of thermoforming packaging machines.  They converge from 2-6 tracks to one and achieve a speed of up to 160 packages per minute. These machines are positioned after the cutting station of thermoforming packaging systems. Transport speed is synchronized with the packaging machine’s speed.

GEA CombiPick
GEA CombiPick

GEA CombiPick

Combined single pack, pick-and-place and converger system for end-of-line applications on GEA PowerPak and Powerpack PLUS thermoformer configurations. Works with digital connection to quality control systems such as GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck, that identify out of specification packs. GEA CombiPick has a pick-and-place assembly that picks up just the good packs from the belt and converges up to six lanes of MAP, vacuum, or skin packs to a single lane outfeed.


Innovative features for GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machines
GEA PowerJet
GEA PowerJet

GEA PowerJet is an innovative, highly efficient evacuation and gassing system without the need of side hole punches. This smart solution is based on two longitudinal nozzle bars integrated on both sides of the sealing station of the thermoforming packaging machine. It has a highly effective evacuation and gas flushing process that achieves extremely low and uniform residual oxygen content in any food package with very low operating costs. PowerJet is particularly suitable for use with paper-based and mono-materials and provides in addition to the mentioned key benefits the following features:

  • 100% guarantee that package chambers are evacuated and gas flushed 
  • 100% separation of evacuation and gas flushing channels in nozzles 
  • No risk of cross contamination 
  • Hygienic execution and easy cleaning 
  • Elimination of cutting or punching of packaging materials 
  • No dust or fines; no risk of "angel hair" (no double cutting into film during start/stop) 
  • No side hole knives required: minimized running costs 
  • Easy access and quick release of longitudinal nozzle bars 
  • Easy and fast assembly or disassembly
GEA PowerHeat Z
GEA PowerHeat Z

GEA PowerHeat Z is an innovative, energy-efficient zone heating system for controlled, targeted, uniform heat distribution in the forming stations of the thermoforming packaging machine, where the corresponding area of the heating plate is divided into six zones. It provides excellent forming performance of all food packages and increases the package quality. This smart solution meets the most important sustainability requirements, particularly through the use of mono-materials and thinner films. PowerHeat Z comes up with the following key benefits:

  • Excellent and equal forming results, especially when mono-materials are used (e.g. Mono PP, Mono PET) 
  • Allows the use of thinner films 
  • Uniform heat distribution across the entire heating plate of the thermoformer 
  • Optimized, fast process and temperature control 
  • Excellent forming performance 
  • Increases package quality 
  • Reaches operating temperature very quickly 
  • Saves energy (typical reduction of 20 – 25%) 
  • Minimal impact on the environment
GEA PowerHeat M
GEA PowerHeat M

GEA PowerHeat M is a revolutionary, energy-efficient matrix heating system for controlled, targeted, flexible heat distribution in the forming stations of the thermoforming packaging machine, where the areas of the heating plate are divided into equal sized areas in matrix form each with many regularly arranged, small heating pixels. PowerHeat M allows the running of minimal film thickness materials while maintaining the functionality of the packs. The technology provides excellent forming performance for all types of food packages and increases the package quality. This smart solution meets the most important sustainability requirements, particularly through its use of very thin films and mono-materials. GEA PowerHeat M provides the following key benefits:

  • The opportunity to create packages with complex contours 
  • Minimizes the amount of packaging material necessary 
  • Operates with mono-materials (e.g. Mono PP, Mono PET) 
  • Optimal process control and temperature accuracy 
  • Flexible heat distribution 
  • Minimized film thickness while retaining package functionalities 
  • Optimized and fast process and temperature control 
  • Excellent forming performance 
  • Increases package quality 
  • Fast heating to operating temperature 
  • Saves energy (typical reduction of 20 – 25%) 
  • Minimal impact on environment

Aanverwante producten


Modulaire dieptrekverpakkingsmachines voor maximale flexibiliteit

De betrouwbare modulaire GEA PowerPak-dieptrekverpakkingsmachine verzorgt een snelle, veilige en uiterst aanpasbare horizontale verpakking van voedselproducten in allerlei soorten vacuüm- en MAP-verpakkingen van hoge kwaliteit en met maximale flexibiliteit.

GEA FoodTray duurzame verpakking

GEA FoodTray duurzame verpakking van levensmiddelen

De GEA FoodTray is een hoogwaardige, duurzame MAP-verpakking van levensmiddelen van alleen een dunne onderfolie versterkt door een kartonnen tray, voor een aantrekkelijk ontwerp, voedselveiligheid en een besparing van plastic materiaal tot 80%. De grondstofbesparende verpakking die door dieptrekverpakkingsmachines wordt geproduceerd, is een slimm...

GEA PowerPak SKIN.50

GEA PowerPak voor skintoepassingen

De GEA PowerPak-dieptrekverpakkingsmachine voor skintoepassingen is een krachtige oplossing voor hoogwaardige skinverpakkingen van voedselproducten die ver uitsteken en biedt een excellent uiterlijk en lange houdbaarheid. Behaal meer flexibiliteit en veelzijdigheid door niet alleen skin-, maar ook MAP- en vacuümverpakkingen met een enkele dieptre...

GEA OxyCheck

Kwaliteitscontrolesystemen GEA LeakCheck & OxyCheck

De GEA LeakCheck is een in-lijn meetsysteem op dieptrekverpakkingsmachines dat in staat is om zonder enig contact de gaafheid van de seal en verpakking op alle vormen van MAP te controleren. De restzuurstof kan op niet-invasieve wijze door het kwaliteitscontrolesysteem GEA OxyCheck worden gemeten. Deze systemen staan beide garant voor de bescherm...

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