A thirst for the extraordinary

Consumers around the world today expect a truly global variety of everyday and special occasion beverages that taste great, satisfy thirst, and perfectly accompany that special meal. The worldwide beverage market is fairly bursting with beverages that might also promise to have added function, whether its giving us an extra boost of protein, vitamins or minerals, or helping us to stay awake – or get to sleep!

Whether you are a producer of non-alcoholic beverages, a brewer or a wine maker, you can expect us here at GEA to be as agile and responsive to market demands as you have to be. We’re recognized around the world for our process and engineering knowhow. So whether you produce traditional, go-to global favorites, or are innovating with new recipes, ingredients, or beverage concepts, you can rely on us to deliver the right technological answers to your most comprehensive needs and queries. 

From turnkey projects to packaging

Our process technology and engineering expertise spans individual components, modular units, and complete turnkey plants for processing juice, soft drinks and concentrates, RTD tea, plant-based beverages, spirits, wine and beer. We also specialize in configuring automation, refrigeration, filling and packaging solutions for even for the most sensitive products.

GEA systems comply with international quality and hygiene standards, and are designed for easy installation and maintenance, which can help to reduce operating costs and downtime. And our smart technologies can help you to use less water, energy and raw materials, minimize waste and emissions, and improve your environmental footprint, for a greener future.

But we don’t just supply equipment, we take care of planning, construction and installation, so your project should be completed on time, and without any unforeseen expense. Why not talk to GEA about our centres of excellence, and our service and maintenance options, which can help you to decide on the right tech, and keep it running optimally, for the lifespan of your plant. 

Products & technologies

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A Glass Half Full Approach to Beverage Innovation

A leader in providing the technical know-how, equipment and solutions that help producers of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to process and manufacture a wide range of beverages, worldwide, GEA’s test centers in Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States provide an extensive portfolio of service, support and production technologies.

Beverage test center

From mixing and filtration to filling and packaging applications, our highly trained experts can assist and expedite the development of innovative new products or optimize the production of existing ones. From lab- to pilot-scale and beyond, including skid-mounted and plug & play options, we can perform comparative process studies, facilitate customer trials, help with application development and conduct product- or customer-specific tests.

Dedicated to working with customers to overcome their processing challenges, our expertise includes mixing (Denmark, Germany), filling and packaging (Italy), homogenization (Italy), freeze concentration (Netherlands), thermal treatment, separation, compressors for industrial and commercial refrigeration, distillation, fermentation, evaporation (Germany) and filtration (Germany, US). We can also provide mobile test units for on-site use and have a long-established history of dealing with blending and brewing issues.

We can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way. Our skillset includes collaborating with customers to design, tailor and optimize solutions to meet specific processing requirements and/or test new concepts.

From new product and feasibility trials to scale-up studies, training programs and process support, we believe that our services greatly benefit anyone involved in industrial R&D, equipment selection, process optimization and product development.

A trusted supplier of equipment to the beverage industry, GEA offers manufacturers all over the world the opportunity to enter into a profitable partnership to develop both products and processes. We combine advanced in-house technology with a thorough understanding of the industry to help customers maximize their development results. Your needs are critical and individual; our worldwide beverage test centers have been designed to meet those needs.

Customer case

Efficient, flexible bottling technology for an uncompromising organic beverage manufacturer

CEO Jacob Voelkel provides key insights about what it takes to be successful in this competitive industry and explains the important role GEA VIPOLL has played in their most recent expansion.

Customer case

Full flavored alcohol-free beer from the Sacred Mountain

GEA’s reverse osmosis dealcoholization technology preserves the original character of the Andechs wheat beer.

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