Processing of Liquid Dairy Products

Manufacturing the perfect dairy product involves a range of different processes and associated technologies. GEA offers a complete portfolio of systems and equipment to carry out all your liquid dairy processing requirements: from pasteurization, deaeration, heat treatment and microparticulation, to product recovery solutions, flow meters, tank cleaning equipment and centrifugal pumps.

Deaeration is a key technology in liquid dairy product processing, as the air in milk can cause cavitation during homogenization. GEA offers a range of deaerators, which can remove free air that is produced during transportation or tank agitation and also, to varying extents, remove mechanical air that enters the product due to factors such as damaged seals or suboptimal process design.

The heat treatment used for pasteurization will depend on a range of factors, including product properties. GEA provides a portfolio of cost- and energy-efficient pasteurization solutions, including short time heating - high temperature (STHT), high temperature - short time (HTST), or ultra high temperature process (UHT) by means of indirect or direct heating. Our systems are all designed ensure the highest final product quality and microbial stabilization.

GEA in addition offers fully automated, semi-automated and manually operated product recovery systems to ensure that customers can recover as much product as possible out of their pipes when they clean their process lines. Product recover also reduces production down time, the consumption of water for rinsing and push-out, as well a reducing effluent disposal costs.

Our microparticulation technology can be applied to make use of waste products, for example, to generate microparticulated whey that can replace fat or milk protein in dairy products. GEA’s Micro FormulaTM unit, features the temperature, time, shear (TTS) unit, which enables complete control of the size and distribution of particles.

As well as complete systems and solutions for liquid dairy processing and product recovery, GEA can provide a wide range of equipment and components for key aspects of processing and the overall workflow, from orbital, rotating and static tank cleaning solutions, to highly efficient, normal- and self-priming centrifugal pumps, sampling systems and accessories and flow meters.

Our pilot test plants provide customers with the option to carry out their own production tests, prior to implementing a complete industrial process. Talk to GEA about our aseptic pilot line, modular test plant, UHT pilot plant and mini pilot UHT pilot plant.

The GEA Difference

Based on a deep and fundamental understanding of the various processes in the liquid food and dairy industries, along with an unparalleled legacy of experience, we provide cutting-edge process solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs for a variety or dairy applications.