Integrated Solutions for Nutritional Powder Filling

Nutritional powders are source of nutrients tailor made for humans with specifically nutritional needs throughout life. These products are often processed and packed to offer prolonged shelf life and easy transportation so that they reach consumers in perfect condition.

GEA offers fully integrated solutions for handling and packing nutritional powders. Our solutions couple leading-edge filling technologies with upstream and downstream systems, including bag handling, palletizing technologies and quality checks. Our range of state-of-the-art bulk powder and retail filling lines minimize exposure of the product to the atmosphere during manufacture, and ensure no human contact with the nutritional powder.

GEA retail filling solutions combine automatic can de-palletizing, can-cleaning and scoop insertion systems with hygienic filling technology to ensure that the product is delivered to the retail can in perfect condition. Check-weighing and integrated quality assurance systems give our customers full assurance and offer complete traceability for every product. 

Our powder filling technologies have also been developed to offer the customer complete choice and flexibility. Solutions include vacuum and auger filling systems that can handle a wide range of milk powders. 

We combine our equipment with fully integrated software solutions that deliver production statistics to verify that the line is running optimally. Retail can closing and palletizing systems complete the GEA powder filling line.

Vacuum powder filling

GEA’s range of vacuum powder fillers has been designed to provide a solution for customers who need to fill dairy powders. Fully sealed heads and options for inert gas packing ensure hygienic powder filling and powder integrity.

Auger powder filling

GEA also offers a range of auger powder fillers that offer major benefits, including high filling accuracy, which removes the need for secondary top-up filling to achieve final fill weight, and so improves overall operational effectiveness.

Modified atmosphere filling

Long shelf life and flavor retention are important properties for many of our customers who fill nutritional powder products that must be transported or stored for prolonged periods of time. Temperature and oxygen are critical to the overall quality of these products, and many oxygen-sensitive powders need to be filled under inert conditions. Our integrated nitrogen and nitrogen/CO2 mixed gas solutions allow customers to achieve the finished product quality that they expect.