Koeltechniek & verwarming

Sustainable solutions for a world of applications

GEA’s expertise in cooling systems for industrial and commercial applications spans a wide range of industries. We provide high-end engineering solutions for the food & beverage, dairy processing, oil & gas, marine and other sectors. Industrial refrigeration is only one component of GEA’s utilities offerings. We also provide process refrigeration and gas compression solutions for chemical and energy-related industries. Whether the requirement is for a standardized or a customized solution, leading companies worldwide count on GEA as a trustworthy partner to meet their requirements when it comes to efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

Energy efficient & sustainable solutions

By working with each client from the earliest points in the project development process, GEA can create the most effective solution and guarantee optimal quality, using energy-efficient products in a sustainable way. We provide high-end technologies for effective maintenance of the cold chain, whatever the product. We offer tailored solutions, including:

  • complete turnkey cooling installations for food and drink 
  • process refrigeration and gas compression solutions for the oil & gas industry 
  • compact refrigeration equipment for marine applications

Refrigeration systems typically consume the most energy in a plant environment. This makes it vital that installations are optimally configured and controlled. Plant owners and engineers today are faced with a myriad of responsibilities, and must meet expectations and budgets for total cost of ownership, return on investment, energy consumption, reliability and durability. Experts estimate that more than one-third of all perishable goods worldwide never reaches the end user. Insufficient cooling during storage and transport is a major contributor to this loss. And while an efficient cold chain reduces waste, industry must also implement solutions that reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the food & beverage and dairy processing industries, we serve as an invaluable resource to you. We do this, in part, by providing insightful analysis during the preliminary phase of a project. This value-added benefit enables you to verify, upfront, that outputs meet the required specifications. Optimized performance positively influences your efficiency, which provides myriad benefits — higher quality, lower energy & resource requirements and less waste.

GEA koeling van utiliteiten

GEA’s emphasis is on the use of reliable, energy-efficient design, natural refrigerants and innovative energy-reuse systems. Our solutions help to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint 
  • combat the effects of global warming
  • allow more products to reach their intended destination 

In parallel with our industrial and commercial cooling solutions, GEA has developed heat pumps that are recognized as some of the best sustainable solutions worldwide. Our heat pumps are designed to capture and repurpose waste heat back into the manufacturing process, so that this valuable heat energy is not just lost to the atmosphere. By closely evaluating your ROI, you can be assured that our industrial heat pump solutions align with both your financial and environmental interests.


SEnS - GEA's duurzame energieoplossingen

Een unieke integratie van procesoplossingen en behoeften aan koeling en verwarming, die resulteert in een lager energieverbruik, zo laag mogelijke bedrijfskosten en een kleinere koolstofvoetafdruk.


Warmte om onze planeet te koelen voor toekomstige generaties

Als we de ambitieuze doelen van het historische Klimaatakkoord van Parijs willen halen, moeten we de decarbonisatie van warmte versnellen en een betere wereld creëren voor onze toekomstige generaties.

Producten & technologieën

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Meer productie, minder afval met Aurivo’s GEA SEnS-upgrade

Aurivo, het op één na grootste verwerkingsbedrijf van vloeibare melk in Ierland, heeft de emissie van CO2 bij haar vestiging in Killygordon teruggedrongen met 80%, dankzij GEA’s geïntegreerde melkverwerkings- en koel- en warmtepompsysteem.


Zoete oplossing van GEA reduceert de uitstoot bij Mars

Mars Wrigley Confectionery, wereldwijd de toonaangevende fabrikant van chocolade, kauwgum, mints en fruitsnoep, heeft bij haar vestiging in Veghel (Nederland) een energie- en CO2-besparing gerealiseerd met GEA’s warmtepompoplossing.

Blijf op de hoogte van GEA’s innovaties en verhalen door u in te schrijven op nieuws van GEA.


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