The fourth-generation miller continues its success for high-quality flours and looks forward to the future, with GEA as a partner since 1964.

Durum wheat’s origins go back to 5,000 BC. For about 1,500 - 2,000 years it has been considered an important cultivated plant and has a long worldwide export tradition. In the Mediterranean area, and especially in southern Italy, it has left significant footprints in the art of bread and pasta making. Great gastronomic creations based on this wheat are rooted deeply in artisan tradition. Today they also rely on the best technology and the most careful production processes, thus maintaining high quality standards and flavours.

Aerial image of the Loiudice plant in Altamura.
An aerial view of Loiudice mill in Altamura

Semolificio Loiudice was founded by Massimo Loiudice in Altamura, Italy in 1939. The mill is now run by Massimo, his daughters Clelia and Maria, and his nephew Antonio. They are aware of the importance of the latest technology for processing the best durum wheat for producing fresh and dry pasta. This year, the well-known miller renewed one of the two grinding sections and installed new GEA machines, replacing the existing ones. The 14 GEA Synthesis Rollermills and 10 GEA Puriswing Purifiers raises the plant’s capacity to 750 tons per day. 

This investment strengthens the company’s reputation of safe and certified products, quality and a tradition of high-quality ingredients. With a history of more than 80 years, Loiudice is aligned with high standards to ensure more sustainable and efficient production methods, and for the precise control and processing of raw materials, which preserve and enhance product quality. GEA shares and supports this goal by constantly evolving technology and know-how. Today, Semolificio Loiudice supplies both artisanal manufacturers of bread and pasta, and the main Italian industrial pasta manufacturing groups, delivering a safe and certified product that brings the tradition and quality of Italian gastronomic culture to the world.

A partnership with GEA that goes back to the early '60s

The company has already relied on the GEA technology in the early days of the company's history. After a fire destroyed the family’s mill in 1962, third-generation owner Massimo decided to partner with Sangati, a leading brand in the design and production of milling plants, now part of the GEA Grain Milling Technologies business unit: with the erection of a new mill with two grinding units, the plant raises the standards of efficiency, reliability and quality. 

In 1994 the company’s market position was strengthened, as an ever-rising demand and increases in stock of durum wheat called for a major investment to increase production capacity. As a result, Loiudice bought a grain silage plant a few kilometres from Altamura and began building the new mill. Between 1999 and 2000, two modern GEA grinding units (formerly Golfetto Sangati product brand) were installed, thereby further boosting performance and capacity. 

Now with the fourth-generation family members at the helm, and looking towards the future with increasingly innovative technology, Loiudice has again turned to GEA for its latest step forward.

Series of Puriswing purifiers installed at the Loiudice plant.
Puriswing purifiers installed at Loiudice mill