Las pizzas frescas y congeladas pueden presentar distintas formas y una amplia variedad de tamaños. Tanto las de masa fina como las de masa gruesa —estilo americano o italiano— nuestras pizzas familiares favoritas tienen una capa de salsa de tomate y combinaciones imaginativas de queso, carne, verduras, hierbas y especias.

Las tecnologías que se utilizan para depositar las coberturas dependen del tipo de pizza y sus ingredientes. Puede añadirse salsa de tomate, carne, verduras y queso tanto antes como después de cocer las bases de pizza. GEA ofrece una línea modular de coberturas para pizza que consiste de unidades individuales para depositar la salsa de tomate y las coberturas con forma de dados sobre pizzas cuadradas o redondas de cualquier tamaño. Nuestras eficientes tecnologías de alta capacidad ofrecen un auténtico aspecto artesanal a cada pizza.

Pizzas con coberturas por puntos 

Conocidas como pizzas de estilo italiano, tienen el reborde sin cobertura. Estas pizzas se cubren utilizando un sistema de máscara que evita que la cobertura se deposite hasta los bordes. 

Target-topped Pizzas

Commonly known as Italian style, they have a free edge that is kept bare of topping. These pizzas are topped using a mask system to prevent the topping from being deposited right up to the edge.

Waterfall-topped Pizzas

Very liked especially by children, these American-style pizzas have no free edge around the base. The tomato sauce and other toppings are often added using a waterfall depositor.

Balancing tomato distribution for consistent quality

The distribution of tomato on pizza is a crucial step in the preparation process, affecting not only the flavor but also the aesthetic appearance of the finished product. Modern technologies offer several options for this crucial process. Among them, the use of waterfall deposit units allows an even distribution of the tomato, ensuring homogeneous coverage over the entire surface of the pizza.

However, for faster and more precise application, spray depositing systems can be used, which are ideal for high-speed production lines. For even greater precision, volumetric depositors can be used, allowing precise dosing of the amount of tomato on each pizza, ensuring equal distribution. To replicate the effect of traditional distribution with a pizza chef's spoon, our tomato speading units with rotating brush devices distribute the tomato uniformly over the pizza base, giving it an authentic, traditional appearance. 
Pizza technologies for varied culinary demands

Pizza is an enduring culinary favorite, cherished globally for its versatility and ability to accommodate a vast array of toppings, catering to diverse palates and cultural preferences. Within the realm of pizza production, the quest for perfection extends beyond flavor to include the precise and efficient application of toppings.

Technologies designed for pizza topping depositing play a pivotal role in ensuring consistency, minimizing waste, and upholding stringent hygiene standards across production lines. These innovations are indispensable in meeting the burgeoning demand for pizza while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards, thus contributing to the continued enjoyment of this beloved dish worldwide.


Expert support

GEA Bakery Experience Center (BEC)

At the GEA Bakery Experience Centers (BEC) in Italy, our process and food technology experts work with customers to test and optimize existing and new recipes and production processes. A wide range of processing equipment and systems is available, including mixers, depositors, filling machines, pizza topping machines, ovens and packaging equipment. The BEC also test all machines that leave the factory, prior to delivery to our customers.

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Refrigeración y calentamiento para procesos de la industria alimentaria

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