Pizza Topping System

GEA offers a comprehensive range of systems for depositing and spreading tomato sauce and toppings on baked and raw bases, for producing Italian- or American-style pizzas.

Supplied with either spray heads, or with a waterfall depositor or depositing head and spreader, the high-speed, modular LFP pizza topper can also deposit different ingredients, such as diced mozzarella, vegetables or ham, using the DAP fingers depositor.  

The high throughput DPS model target spray tomato depositor is easily configurable for different sizes and shapes of pizzas. The unit reliably distributes an even layer of filtered tomato sauce over the pizza base, either to cover the whole pizza base, leave a free edge, or even to deposit a customized shape from a drawing. 

Ideal for producing perfect Italian-style pizza bases, the CSP tomato depositing system combines highly accurate volumetric cylinders with a spreading unit that mimics the effects of traditional manual tomato sauce spreading using a spoon. 

For processing American-style pizzas, the DRP model from GEA comprises a waterfall roller tomato depositor and a recovery and recirculation system, to guarantee reliable depositing and even distribution of tomato sauce over the whole pizza base, with minimal waste.

Model CSP

Tomato depositing system
The CSP unit from GEA automates the process of accurately depositing and spreading tomato sauce on raw pizza bases. The system combines the depositor and the spreading device in one unit.

The CSP tomato depositing system can be installed on a continuous or on an intermittent running conveyor, to produce perfect Italian-style pizza bases. The system incorporates the DPC model volumetric cylinder, for highly accurate dosing of the tomato sauce on the pizza bases, even when depositing for sauce that contains small particles. The spreading unit comprises a system of rotating finger devices that simulate the traditional spoon effect that is traditionally achieved by pizza makers as the sauce is spread out, while leaving the edges of the pizza free of tomato. Faultless pizza bases, every time.

Model DRP

Waterfall roller tomato depositor
GEA’s The DRP tomato sauce depositor from GEA has been designed as a highly efficient system for the waterfall deposition of tomato sauce over raw or baked pizza bases of any size. The result is a consistent, full covering of tomato sauce and an edgeless base.

The DRP depositor unit comprises a polycord conveyor with product recovery and re-circulating tank, on which is fitted a stainless steel, motorized roller. The roller is used to distribute and deposit tomato sauce evenly over the pizzas passing through, using the same process that is used for American-type high pizzas that are totally covered in tomato sauce without free edges.

Model LFP

Pizza topping system
The highly flexible LFP model pizza topping system has been designed as a complete solution for depositing a wide range of ingredients, from tomato sauce to toppings, over raw or baked pizza bases.

Developed to offer high production flexibility, the modular LFP technology comprises single units that can be moved along processing lines, which means that various ingredients can be deposited in a chosen sequence on the pizza bases. 

Capable of operating at high depositing speeds, the LFP system can be supplied with a range of depositing options. These include a sprayer for filtered tomato sauce, which produces a free edge on the pizza base, or a tomato sauce depositor and spreading unit to distribute tomato sauce evenly over the pizzas as they pass through. Alternatively, tomato sauce can be applied using a waterfall depositor, to produce American-style pizza bases that are totally covered in sauce. Other toppings, such as mozzarella and vegetables, can be deposited using a waterfall fingers depositor, and a targeting mask can be applied to leave free edges that are typical of Italian-style pizzas.

The LFP pizza topping system is constructed in stainless steel and food-grade materials to comply with strict hygiene regulations, and the conveyor and other product parts are removable for ease of cleaning. The production units are also wheel mounted to further aid speedy cleaning. 

Ideally suited to high capacity, highly automated production, the LFP system from GEA can be fitted with product-loading and recovery conveyors that reduce both wastage of ingredients and the need for operator intervention.

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