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Here at GEA, we’ve spent 130 years pioneering the development of equipment for processing just about every type of dairy product. And that means we really understand the challenges faced by the milk and dairy sector in today’s fast-moving markets. Producers big and small must strive to stay agile and maximize output and quality, while every area of farming and manufacturing is tasked with improving sustainability. We’ve dedicated our expertise to developing components, equipment and digital tools that can help you as a manufacturer stay efficient, productive, and ready to develop new products in response to rapidly changing market demands and trends.

Using our systems, you could significantly reduce energy and resource use during different stages of milk and dairy processing. We’ve developed technologies that let you recycle heat and water, cut your reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce waste and emissions, so you can hope to improve process sustainability and reduce your environmental footprint. Of course, all GEA equipment for dairy processing is designed and engineered to meet strict hygiene, food safety and quality standards, and to give you efficient, reliable operation, for the lifespan of your plants and process lines.

Our expertise as a single source supplier covers project management, plant installation, commissioning and after sales service. No matter how complex the process, and however big or small your production scale, we will be at your side right from the start.

Test centers for your peace of mind

All product development begins with an idea. But quite often it’s a long, expensive process to turn that idea into a high quality, marketed product that your consumers will love. For dairy products this process will include complex development on the drawing board, in depth testing in the laboratory and at pilot scale, and then evaluation on commercial-scale equipment. Every stage aims to work towards perfecting the recipe and final product, while preventing product losses, minimizing financial risk, and protecting the environment.

GEA recognizes the major hurdles and financial risks that product development can put in front of producers, so we have set up dedicated test centers where you can trial your processes before scaling up production. Our small-scale test plants for critical technologies – including separation, mixing, evaporation, and drying - are designed for small batches and are available for you to run tests using a minimum of energy and raw material consumption.

GEA experts at our test centers can work cooperatively with you to evaluate your processes on individual GEA technologies. And they’ll also collaborate to help you to formulate products, refine recipes, and optimize entire process lines as part of an end-to-end manufacturing chain. We’ll take into account every detail, including local process practices and environmental conditions. And by coupling our expertise in process design with the latest equipment and expertise in automation engineering we can help you to select the best components, digital tools, and integrated equipment for end-to-end lines.

El proceso de productos lácteos está aumentando vertiginosamente en todo el planeta para responder a la creciente demanda de leche y sus derivados por parte de una población en constante crecimiento. Con largos años de experiencia y un amplio know-how, GEA lidera el mercado de procesamiento de uno de los alimentos más importantes y versátiles del mundo.

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GEA sobresale en la construcción de grandes instalaciones que la industria láctea

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Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

As global dairy producers constantly strive for higher quality, value added products, they often turn to proven technology providers for processing support.

Development of new dairy products can be a costly and labor-intensive investment for many customers. Add to that complex formulation, detailed process design and plant validation, this can become a daunting process for some customers to undertake alone.

GEA understands this very well and this is why we built dedicated test centers designed to help you to confidently trial your products before scaling up production.

Critical process technologies including separation, formulation, mixing, evaporation, and drying are available in our many small-scale test plants enabling you to conveniently prove your product or process before making a large-scale investment.

Working alongside our team of dedicated process experts, you will be able to formulate your products, refine recipes and then produce them at a small scale. We will then help you to evaluate the final product properties and to refine the process design before you scale up.

With decades of process experience gained from food processing plants all over the world, our test centers give you the confidence that the process units we deliver are optimized to suit the local process and environmental conditions. In addition, the ongoing refinements that we make through offline testing will ultimately benefit the final solution for your production facility.

Process design is only part of our offering. With GEA, you have access to the latest technologies, equipment and engineering expertise, which we will combine to deliver your complete end-to-end solution.

GEA GMP Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Facility

Our test centers are:

  • Liquid Mixing – Copenhagen (Denmark), Ahaus (Germany) 
  • Heat treatment – Ahaus (Germany)
  • Aseptic Processing – Ahaus (Germany)
  • Homogenization – Parma (Italy)
  • Separation - Oelde (Germany)
  • Powder mixing – Hamilton (New Zealand)
  • Spray Drying – Copenhagen (Denmark); Maryland (USA)
  • Freeze Drying – Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Evaporation/distillation/membrane filtration – Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • Filtration – Hudson (USA) 
  • Freezing – Vancouver (Canada); Bakel (Netherlands)
  • Thermoforming packaging – Wallau (Germany)
  • Slicing and loading – Kempten (Germany)
  • Vertical packaging – Weert (Netherlands) 
  • Food processing and packaging – Frisco (TX, USA)

Contact us to find out more about how GEA can ensure your peace of mind.

Instalaciones para pruebas con sustancias en polvo

Lactoferrina de leche para la nutrición y la salud

La leche es un alimento sorprendente que contiene una amplia gama de componentes dietéticos importantes. Y aunque el agradecimiento final por esta bondad nutricional se lo debemos a nuestros rebaños lecheros, grandes y pequeños, un poco de ingeniería inteligente de GEA significa que la industria puede extraer y formular las fracciones clave de la leche en productos de alto valor que potencian el valor nutricional de muchos alimentos y suplementos diferentes.


Niños bebiendo leche

Aurivo confía en GEA para crear una instalación sostenible de leche líquida

Aurivo, el segundo mayor procesador de leche líquida de Irlanda, ha reducido las emisiones de CO2 en su planta de Killygordon en un 80%, gracias al sistema integrado de procesado de leche, refrigeración y bomba de calor de ...

Planta de Danone Nutricia en Cuijk, Países Bajos

Danone colabora con GEA

Vídeo de la planta de producción de leche en polvo para lactantes que tiene Danone en Cuijk/Haps, Países Bajos, con imágenes y testimonios de nuestras torres de atomización Niro MSD, evaporador MVR y homogeneizadores Ariete.

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