GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-One

A cost-effective, fully featured option for filling beverages into bottles and cans (and optionally PET), on one machine, with a capacity of up to 10.000 cph.

GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-one: ideal for filling beer, still or sparkling wine, water, ready-to-drink products or juices with pulp and small particulates

Flexible and fully featured

Enabling fast, simple switchover between container formats and products, without tools, the GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-One is built on our globally recognized GEA Visitron Filler All-in-One technology, but has an even more compact footprint. With a throughput of 5,000-10,000 containers per hour, the Small-in-One unit offers an affordable, fully featured option for smaller production scales, and for sites with limited space. A variety of upgrades are available, and with water- and CO2-saving features built in as standard, the GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-One might also help you to reduce resource use, and save on operating costs. 

Quick container switching without tools

Impressively, switching between formats on the Small-in-One can typically be completed by two operators in about 30–90 minutes, without tools. And fast changeover equates to less down time and greater productivity.

The GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-One at a glance

  • Ideal for filling beer, still or sparkling wine, water, ready-to-drink products or juices with pulp and small particulates
  • Three sizes with up to 32 filling valves
  • Multiple capping options
  • Fast format changeover, without tools
  • Compact, resource-saving design
  • Upgrades available for filling PET bottles, and for filling still product 

Fast integration into existing lines

Available in three sizes, the Small-in-One is a true multifunctional system that can handle crown corks and lids, aluminium screw caps and plastic caps. Offered with standardized configurations and some upgrades and options, the unit is also fast to integrate into your existing process line.  Once on site it could be fully commissioned and producing saleable products within about 2 weeks. If you have requirements that are not accommodated by the Small-in-One, we’ll work with you to configure an All-in-One system that meets your needs.

Saving resources

Of course, we’ve kept our focus on process sustainability. The Small-in-One incorporates a water recirculation system that reclaims and reuses the same water for three different operations. The equipment also doesn’t rely on undercover gassing with CO2 for filling cans. This reduces CO2 consumption, while still keeping oxygen pickup at market-standard, very low levels.

Features of the GEA Visitron Filler Small-in-One

  • Two channel rinsing, using media including disinfectants or water
  • Double pre-evacuation of all container types during filling
  • Hot water injection for glass bottles & cans
  • Individually programmable filling phases
  • External laying, electro-pneumatically controlled filling valves 
  • Bottle burst cleaning system
  • Flush for capping elements
  • Complete machine cleaning using water and foam
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)-compatible with automatic butterfly valves and CIP dummy bottles (manual insertion)
  • Optional external flushing and foaming system

Aftercare for peak performance

GEA doesn’t just supply equipment, we offer personalized aftercare and service packages for the complete lifecycle of your GEA equipment, so that we can keep your Small-in-One equipment running at peak performance and maximum uptime.

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