GEA Visitron Filler ALL-IN-ONE

The space-saving ALL-IN-ONE represents an ideal choice for small and medium sized beverage manufacturers wishing to carry out all necessary functions from rinsing to sealing, on just one machine.

Do you spend hours of your time reconfigurating complex filling equipment?

Flexibility is key for beverage manufacturers worldwide who need to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving markets. Hours of time spent changing over and adjusting complex filling equipment to switch between different bottle and can formats equates to reduced throughput and lost profits. 

With the ALL-IN-ONE filling system, which can disinfect, rinse, sterilize, fill, and close a wide range of different PET, glass bottle and can formats, GEA has met this challenge. The ALL-IN-ONE multi-functional filler helps customers to reduce downtime and product losses and makes it easy for an operator to switch between different bottle and can formats in just 20 – 30 minutes, without the use of tools. 

Big things come in small packages

The unit’s small footprint is ideal where space is at a premium, while the need for just one machine means that maintenance time is also kept to a minimum. 

Rinsing: smart options for saving resources

Rinsing containers to remove dust, dirt, and other potential contaminants takes place prior to filling and with the ALL-IN-ONE rinsing nozzles, every internal part of the cotnainer is reached without wasting media.

The ALL-IN-ONE system is suitable for range of treatment media such as disinfectants, sterile water or sterile air. Bottles can be preheated in the rinser for hot-filling, which can help to reduce the likelihood of bottle breakage, due to temperature differences, and improves filling results.

Filling: The ALL-IN-ONE is available as stand-alone unit that can be integrated into an existing filling line

Versatile filling valves can fill still, carbonated, alcoholic or non-alcoholic products into glass, can and PET containers. 

Closing: The ALL-IN-ONE features a fully automated capping system for precise alignment of every cap and lid

Helping to keep your production processes agile and responsive to changing market demands, the ALL-IN-ONE unit features a unique seaming system that means cans with different diameters, or even a combination of cans and crown corks, can be closed on one turret. 

ALL-IN-ONE at-a-glance

  • Carry out rinsing, filling, capping and seaming of cans, glass and PET bottles using just one machine.
  • Switch between bottle and can formats in just 20 – 30 minutes, without the use of tools.
  •  Process from 5,000 to 30,000 cans and/or bottles per hour.

Key operating features

  • The machine can be completely washed using water or foam.
  • All containers are transferred into the rinser/filler/capper/seamer block via a low infeed, which means that the same depalletizer for glass and cans can be used.
  • Both volumetric filling and exchangeable or height-adjustable filling tube options are available.
  • Full automation and user-friendly programming help to ensure precise filling for every bottle and can, which reduces product loss.
  • Double air pre-evacuation for all formats helps to minimize oxygen pick-up and foaming during filling, for great product handling and better filling results.

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