GEA Visitron Filler G

Available in different sizes, the Visitron Filler G can rinse, fill and cap glass bottles with different closure types. We can add in the ability to sterilize caps, and with an extra capping application our machines can also be used to fill PET bottles.

Use it your way

Easy to use and clean, the GEA Visitron Filler G technology offers clever features that can help to reduce product loss and waste. We can provide machines of different sizes to match a wide range of throughputs, whether you want to fill 5,000 bottles per hour, or have a 30,000 bph throughput. The different Visitron Filler G, configurations can handle glass bottles ranging in volume from 100 ml to 1.5 litres, and with up to 40 mm diameter variation, using only universal format parts.

Simple switchover between bottle formats of various shapes and sizes

Switching between different bottle formats can lead to reduced throughput and lost profits. With the flexible Visitron Filler G the switch between bottle formats is simple and fast so you don’t have to waste time reconfiguring complicated equipment.

Rinsing before filling

The Visitron Filler G machines are compatible with a wide range of rinsing media, including ionized air, sterile water, disinfectant, or alcohol. We can also configure an optional water or disinfectant recirculation system that saves on water or disinfectant usage, and so reduces costs and waste.

Filling: Designed to help make life easier for operators, especially when changing formats

We understand that no two customers will have the same needs or budgets, so we’ve developed systems that can be tailored to match just about every requirement. The Visitron Filler G family of machines represents an ideal solution for filling a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, both still and sparkling.

Closing: Flexibility to easily switch between closure types

Different bottle types use different closures, so we’ve made sure that the Visitron Filler G can handle a diverse range of caps, including alu-screw caps, crown corks and PCO caps. The open design of the cappers means that the equipment can be easily and thoroughly washed.

Hygiene & safety: ultraclean handling of sensitive products

For sensitive products the filler can be built into a high-grade ultraclean execution, with advanced cleaning options and bottle and cap sterilization. For products with the right stability profile, a cleanroom setup and operation can negate the need for tunnel pasteurization

Key design features of the Visitron Filler G:

  • Electropneumatically controlled filling valves for precise regulation of filling phases 
  • Hygienic design does away with pneumatic tubes, and features rounded and sloped surfaces that prevent water pooling 
  • Full automation and user-friendly programming help to ensure precise filling, for every bottle 
  • “No bottle, no fill” function reduces waste and cleaning time
  • A simple user interface makes it easy to change between recipes and filling parameters, and keep uptime to a maximum.
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