Can filling solution for non-sensitive beverages

GEA Visitron Filler C

A smart, hygienic, all-in-one platform for rinsing, disinfecting, filling and closing a wide range of can formats for non-sensitive beverages.

The Visitron Filler C is a true multi tasker. Supplied as a complete turnkey solution, the Filler C helps customers to reduce downtime and product loss, by making it quick and easy to changeover formats, while reducing contamination risk and saving on resources. And because your needs may be many and varied, the GEA Visitron Filler C system is highly adaptable, making it the ideal solution for a range of non-sensitive beverages including soft drinks (still and carbonated), beer and wine (still and sparkling).

Making the most of time and space

The compact solution can save considerable time - 30 to 50 percent - during changeovers, depending on the size and configuration, for example, when two or three different seaming applications are combined on a single turret.

When a small footprint is a prime consideration, GEA recommends a rotary rinser, which takes up less space than a gravity rinser with a dedicated lane for each can size, and offers the flexibility to add a new can size in the future.

Simple switchover between can formats of various shapes and sizes

Changing formats is fast and intuitive thanks to the easy to operate Visitron Filler C which features a user-friendly PLC so you can program several recipes and product filling parameters directly into the system

Rinsing before filling

The Filler C filler/seamer units can be equipped with either a classic gravity rinser, or a rotary version. The rotary rinser is compatible with a wide range of rinsing media, and feature nozzles that are designed to ensure that the entire internal surface area of every container is reached. This both increases efficiency and saves resources, without wasting media.

Filling: Maximum throughput and user-friendly operation

We understand that no two customers will have the same needs or budgets, so we’ve developed systems that can be tailored to match just about every requirement. The Visitron Filler C family of machines represents an ideal solution for filling a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, both still and sparkling.

Closing: Flexible seaming system minimizes product loss and saves time

The Visitron Filler C features a unique seaming system that can handle cans of different diameters on a single, combined turret. During the seaming process the cans start to rotate as soon as the lid has been applied, which minimizes product loss. 

Clean room execution

The GEA Visitron Filler C combines a rotary can rinser, can filler and a seamer, all in a single housing. This configuration can be covered by a clean room with laminar flow system, to ensure a safe environment for rinsing, filling and seaming, and very short travel distances between stations. Our solution also includes optional lid disinfection, which eliminates a major potential contamination point. Put this all together, and for some products with the right stability profile, it’s even possible to do away with the need for a tunnel pasteurizer.

Key design features of the Visitron Filler C:

  • Flexible volumetric filling settings (just select the program, there’s no manual adjustment when changing sizes) 
  • No need to change the lower sealing part of the filling valves when changing between slim, sleek, standard and king size cans 
  • Single or multiple air evacuation stages help to ensure low O2 pick-up
  • Fully automated, user-friendly programming helps to ensure precise filling, which reduces product loss and optimizes product handling
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