Healthy and Pure Taste

Bottled water is a major contributor to the global soft drinks industry. Increasing awareness among people about consuming safe water is increasing demand for bottled water worldwide.

With growing levels of urbanization and higher amounts of disposable income in emerging economies, and a greater awareness of the health benefits or drinking safe, clean water, the industrial production of still water is an increasingly important and dynamic contributor to the global soft drinks industry.

Benefiting from developments in packaging and portability, and with a market share of almost 70%, still water represents a major global growth industry. As a market-leading provider of processing and filling and packaging equipment to the entire beverage sector, GEA offers a range of liquid mixing and continuous blending solutions, as well as complete bottling lines for still (and carbonated) water in PET bottles.

Our bottling lines ensure fast changeovers for different bottle shapes, very low defect rates, short cleaning times and cleaning cycle flexibility.

Quality, hygiene and purity are paramount to the food and beverage industry, and water is no exception. Beyond the inclusion of physiologically important and/or desired ingredients, the elimination or exclusion of unwanted material is equally as important. The removal of dissolved gases, such as oxygen, is critical. GEA’s deaeration technology ensures that the residual oxygen levels required in your application can be met and exceeded.

In addition, our filling technologies include gravity, mechanical/pneumatic counter-pressure and volumetric fillers.

From conveyor systems to end-of-line packing solutions, our product portfolio includes key components, such as valves and piping, and fully integrated lines that ensure efficient and cost-effective processing.