Fizzy and Refreshing

Carbonation is an essential aspect of sparkling water production, and the addition of carbon dioxide is one of the process steps that can influence the filling procedure as well as the taste and appearance of the product. As the consumption of sparkling water continues to rise, manufacturers are increasingly looking to cost-effective and customer-oriented process solutions to meet consumer demand.

CO2 that counts

Sparkling water

GEA is a market-leading provider of processing, filling and packaging solutions to the entire beverage sector, including the sparkling water industry. Our carbonating systems have been designed for the continuous, high-accuracy carbonation of soft drinks and water. With a wealth of experience and a legacy of innovation in this sector, GEA has also developed and offers complete bottling lines for water in PET bottles; we can supply plants on a turnkey basis.

Our portfolio includes a variety of bottle filling options, including gravity, mechanical/pneumatic counter-pressure and volumetric fillers: the optimum solution will be tailored to each requirement.  We also understand the importance of hygiene and the need to eliminate the risk of product contamination throughout the entire process line, so all of our systems comply with the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements for water filling.

GEA in addition offers a range of inline, batch and continuous liquid mixing and blending solutions, as well as conveyor systems, end-of-line packing solutions, components (valves and piping) and fully integrated process lines.