Fizzy, Cool and Refreshing – that’s the way we like it!

The need for us to quench our thirst has led to the development of a branch of the drinks industry that is dedicated to satisfying this basic requirement: and this sector of the industry has to meet consumers’ ever more exacting demands in respect of quality and taste. We want to enjoy carbonated drinks that are fine sparkling and refreshing.

Carbonated drinks – Uniform, permanent and “fine sparkling”

Carbonated drinks

GEA process technology ensures that beverages are always consistently carbonated, regardless of the many parameters that can affect the carbonation process. That way the consumer gets the best product quality and a drink with a refreshing taste and a fine sparkling feel in the mouth. A particularly efficient use of CO2 saves costs, and the high binding to the product ensures good filling results.

Whether you want to produce lemonade or apple spritzer, mineral water or energy drinks – GEA is your competent partner for all processing, filling and packaging requirements for carbonated drinks.