Cold Stores and Distribution Centers

Operators of cold storage warehouses and refrigerated distribution centers require reliable temperature control to ensure the quality and shelf life and safety of their inventory. And they need this critical function to be delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible. GEA applies its vast experience and expertise in both industrial refrigeration and customized, sustainable energy solutions to deliver on both counts.

More focus on less waste


Experts estimate that, worldwide, more than one-third of all perishable goods never reach the consumer. The reason for this is insufficient cooling during storage and transport. GEA provides cooling technologies and refrigeration solutions that deliver the right temperatures, when and where needed, to minimize waste and maximize product quality and freshness.

Requirements are not apples to apples

Not every type of food can be kept under the same conditions during storage. This fact, coupled with the drive toward greater energy efficiency and increasingly strict hygiene regulations, requires that refrigeration technologies be tailored to individual applications. Whereas fruit and vegetables that are not kept under optimum conditions may look less appetizing but are still be safe to eat, unsafe levels of pathogens may occur in meat or fish if the cold chain is inadequate or not carefully maintained.

The bottom line

GEA provides reliable, customized refrigeration technologies and solutions for cold stores and distribution centers. But the GEA advantage does not stop there. We understand that energy is often the number one cost faced by operators. Our team of experts specializing in sustainable energy solutions holistically evaluate your entire operation and provide optimized, integrated and measurable approaches to energy efficiency. Keeping food fresh while minimizing the cost and energy needed to do so — that’s good for your business and good for our planet.