A women engineer working in front of computer
Engineering for a better world

Catalysts of change: GEA's female engineers

GEA helps dairy cows avoid lameness with AI solution
Engineering for a better world

Big data: transforming animal health and cow welfare

GEA pet textile recycled polyester
Engineering for a better world

Unraveling the recycling challenge in fashion

About GEA


GEA 是全球食品、饮料和制药等行业最大的系统供应商之一。我们的产品组合包括机械和设备以及先进的工艺技术、组件和全面的服务。在强烈的目标感指引下,我们超过 18,000 名敬业的员工致力于提高全球生产工艺的可持续性和效率。
Statement for the first quarter (January 1 – April 30, 2024)

Statement for the first quarter (January 1 – March 30, 2024)

The statement for the first quarter of GEA Group can be found here.

Engineering for a better world

我们设计可持续的解决方案,以建设更美好的世界并支持客户的可持续发展目标。我们在自己的营业场所和采购中推行最高的环境和社会标准。我们的目标是成为工程行业最具吸引力的雇主,提供更多样化、平等的机会和融合度,并提供长期的职业发展前景。为了使这些目标具体化,我们已将可衡量的 ESG 目标定义为 GEA Mission 26 战略的一部分。


您是否充满好奇心、非常积极并且热爱为客户解决难题?GEA 正在寻找充满热情的人来担任非常多样化的职位。
GEA Globe quarterly release

GEA continues profitable growth in the first quarter of 2024 and confirms outlook for full year

GEA maintained its profitable growth trend in the first quarter of 2024. The company achieved organic revenue growth of 2.7 percent and a significant one-percentage-point increase in the EBITDA margin despite the persistently...

Climate transition plan 2040 - half globe

Shareholders approve GEA’s Climate Transition Plan 2040 by an overwhelming 98.4%

In a groundbreaking vote at today’s Annual General Meeting, GEA Group AG’s shareholders approved by an overwhelming majority the Climate Transition Plan 2040 presented to them.

Bernd Brinker

GEA extends Chief Financial Officer Bernd Brinker’s contract until 2027

At its meeting today, GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft’s Supervisory Board extended the appointment of Bernd Brinker (59) as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ahead of schedule until June 30, 2027. A member of the Executive Board since...

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