Translift Pneumatic Shipunloader

Pneumatic Shipunloader with light and flexible structure

TRANSLIFT is a Pneumatic Shipunloader very flexible and suitable for shipunloading operations in small – medium terminals. TRANSLIFT is particularly efficient to unload barges and ships smaller than 20.000 DWT in river installations.

Main features

  • For vessel up to 20.000 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage)
  • Fixed or mobile on rails or wheels
  • Handling capacity: 100 TPH to 300 TPH (Tonnes Per Hour)
  • Golfetto Sangati in-house design
  • Full remote control system in option
  • Possible full customization


  • Extremely versatile during operations
  • Simple and light structures designed for optimizing the transportation and installation

Grain Handling


Douala - Camerun 

  • One Mobile Pneumatic shipunloader on tires
  • Capacity: 200 tph. 

Port of Cagliari - Italy

  • One pneumatic unloader 
  • Capacity : 300tph. 

Port of Jedda - Saudi Arabia 

  • Two pneumatic unloaders on tires
  • Capacity: 300 tph. each

Port of Trabzon - Turkey 

  • One pneumatic unloader on rails 
  • Capacity : 300tph. 

Port of Ravenna - Italy 

  • One pneumatic unloader on rails with one boom complete with digger for unloading of no-free flowing products
  • Capacity: 300 tph. 

Port of Derince - Turkey 

  • One pneumatic unloader on rails 
  • Capacity : 300tph.