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Dry pastes, filter cakes and viscous slurries more cost-effectively with the SWIRL FLUIDIZER®

SWIRL FLUIDIZER final 1200x675w

When it comes to drying pastes, filter cakes and highly viscous slurries, the SWIRL FLUIDIZER® provides a cost-effective solution for obtaining a fine, homogenous, non-agglomerated dry powder – in one compact processing operation. The SWIRL FLUIDIZER® is the preferred choice of customers within both chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The drying process

SWIRL FLUIDIZER product 1200x675

In the feed tank, a vertical bottom driven agitator will disintegrate the highly viscous feed material into a homogeneous feed whereupon it is introduced into the drying chamber through a specially designed horizontal auger with controlled speed. Here, an air disperser with tangential inlet to the drying chamber provides the drying air, which has been heated to the optimal thermal efficiency applicable as regards the product’s heat sensitivity. The drying chamber is designed for optimal feed disintegration and distribution and, hence, controlled retention times which again will result in uniform products and optimal drying processes. The air passes through a filter separating out the dry powder discharging it to a powder handling system.

The Dual Feed System (patent pending)
The patent-pending Dual Feed System is ideal for products with too low solids content and thereby low viscosity – for example silica and titanium dioxide. This new principle of operation exploits the mixing already taking place in the drying chamber. Two inlet systems will ensure the immediate mix of dry powder and liquid feed, and thus the moisture will be distributed over the entire powder surface for rapid evaporation. The Dual Feed System is available for new installations and as a retrofit to existing units. 

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