Column Processors

Column Dryers

The economical way to provide heat and long residence time to free-flowing materials.

Column Dryer

Due to the long retention times possible, these columns are frequently used for diffusion controlled processes or purging products (e.g. catalysts) of residual monomer

The Column Drying Process

Column Dryers have been designed for plug flow and have a special gas distribution cone to ensure uniform counter-current gas flow up through the material.  The effectiveness of this design, results in very low gas flow rates thereby achieving low operating costs.   This is especially important when the process gas is nitrogen, steam or other treated gas.  

Residence time can vary from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the diffusion rate of moisture through the material.  Heating coils may be incorporated to enhance thermal input to the material.

The Column Dryer is well suited to process Polymers, Organic Chemicals, and Inorganics. However the feed to the Column Dryer must be non-sticky and in the form of free-flowing crumbs, granules, beads, pellets, or powder and are often employed as a second stage unit, following another GEA drying system.

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