GEA biedt een uitgebreide productportefeuille van ammoniakkoelsystemen voor praktisch elke toepassing binnen industriële koeling en airconditioning. Zowel kant-en-klare systemen met compacte afmetingen, zoals de modellen van de reeks GEA Blu chillers, als op maat gemaakte oplossingen in modulair ontwerp: onze koelsystemen worden gekenmerkt door een uitstekende betrouwbaarheid en een optimale energie-efficiëntie. Ze zijn verkrijgbaar als zuigercompressor- en schroefcompressorunits en zijn ontworpen voor installatie binnen en buiten. Onze koelsystemen kunnen zowel voor koelen als voor warmtepomptoepassingen worden gebruikt. Onze machines worden bijvoorbeeld gebruikt voor het invriezen van voedselproducten, proceskoeling in de chemische industrie, airconditioning in kantoorcomplexen, verwarming van kassen en de productie van warm water.

Dennree relies on ammonia chillers to cool organic fruit and vegetable

Dennree relies on ammonia chillers to cool organic food

Refrigeration technology keeps food fresh and preserves vitamins
Munich opts for air conditioning with natural refrigerants

Munich opts for air conditioning with natural refrigerants

Air conditioning for exhibition halls at the Munich Trade Fair Center

GEA chillers as environmentally friendly technologies

Innovation meets sustainability: GEA Heating &Refrigeration Technologies has been one of the leading experts in creating technologically advanced heating and cooling systems to decarbonize industrial processes.

Our chillers are available both as turnkey units with compact footprints – such as the models in the GEA Blu chiller range – as well as tailored solutions in modular design. No matter which model you choose, each and every one of them is characterized by great reliability and optimal energy efficiency.

Our machines are used in different industries, for example for the following purposes:

  • freezing food products, dairy and beverages
  • process cooling in the chemical industry
  • air conditioning in office complexes
  • low-temperature heat recovery and more.

The GEA Blu Chiller for every requirement

Divided into four different model series (BluAstrum, BluGenium, BluAir as well as the new semi-hermetic BluX), every GEA chiller of the Blu family canfit even small and restricted machine rooms. Furthermore, all Blu chillers are available as a remote version without condenser. Based on ammonia (R717) as a refrigerant, all Blu chillers are a sustainable choice with an impressive global warming potential of zero as well as an ozone depletion potential of zero. Our GEA experts will be pleased to advise you regarding our 29 chiller models, their individual advantages as well as the options for tailoring their construction specifically to your company’s needs.

GEA BluAstrum Chiller

As a modern and flexible flagship of the GEA Blu products, the BluAstrum chiller is an especially slim and therefore extremely handy solution. Able to fit through every standard-sized door, the compact measurements do not in any way compromise its quality or efficiency. Easy transportation as well as low maintenance due to the latest screw compressor technology are a given and make this GEA chiller a smart and dynamic choice.

GEA BluGenium

Thanks to its elaborate piston compressor technology, this series is especially energy efficient and impresses with a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) above 9 while under full load. The GEA BluGenium chiller comes in seven different model sizes and is the first choice if you value a production output that equally meets your demands regarding quantity as well as quality.

GEA BluAir

If you are looking for an outdoor application that is not only weatherproof but also works at a very low noise level, the six different GEA BluAir models are just right for you. The state-of-the-art air-cooled condensers are equipped with highly efficient fans to achieve a sound protection level of more than 20 dB(A) – therefore the GEA chiller can be used in a wide range of operation sites even without existing cooling water management.

GEA: Excellence in innovation and sustainability

As a global engineering company specialized in heating and refrigeration systems, we provide clients in over 50 countries across the world with innovative, future-proof solutions. Our equipment and process technology supports companies across all industries such as the food, dairy and beverage industry as well as the pharma, chemical and marine industry.

Since 1881 our main goal is to enhance and facilitate production processes while also contributing a huge part to the protection of our planet – thanks to our highly efficient products which are not dependent on fossil fuels and massively reduce resource consumption as well as energy input during production. At GEA, we also offer our clients commissioning as well as service support onsite – feel free to let us know how we may help you.

Optimize your production site and benefit from significantly higher efficiency levels: Contact our experts for professional advice and find the perfect GEA chiller for your industrial needs.

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