Mobile Decanter Systems

Mobile Decanter Systems

Mobile decanter systems from GEA are designed for flexible process integration. They have a modular, plug-and-play design, as lorry trailers or standardized sea containers.

Modular solutions for individual requirements

Mobile decanter systems can be integrated easily and quickly into an operational plant and are particularly advantageous wherever rapid help or flexible deployment is required.

The units are fully self-contained sludge treatment and evaluation systems that allow GEA customers to carry out full-scale trials with almost immediate ‘hook up’ to their existing plant.

For simple logistics world-wide, everything that is needed to treat municipal, industrial or agricultural sludge is included in the standard container or trailer.

Maximum flexibility and simple process integration

The systems can be individually adapted, feature all of the necessary components, are fully piped and ready for immediate use, from municipal waste water plants to the manage­ment of peak load to an enormous variety of indus­trial fields to rapid support in the event of bottle­necks. 

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