Improved measurement of flow rate and volume


Improved measurement of flow rate and volume

Add value by metering with GEA Service

Quality demands precision

In sensitive processes such as those in the food, pharma and biotech industries, accurate and reliable measurement data are vital. To ensure high precision simply upgrade your systems to include the new CMAG™ flow meter from GEA Service. With a stainless-steel hygienic design the innovative CMAG™ generation represents a leading standard of reliability in electromagnetic flow measuring.

The CMAG™ has been developed as an easy-to-fit solution from the proven IZMAG™ flow meter family. Like the established IZMAG™ models, the new flow meter is manufactured and calibrated by GEA in Germany.

Key advantages

  • Small size, easy to fit in
  • Attractive price
  • Easy connection with M12 plug
  • High measuring dynamic
  • Low power consumption
  • Aseptic flange

The flexibility provided by the CMAG™ can be a major success factor in reacting to consumer trends and meeting demand with efficient manufacturing processes.

GEA Service continues to improve numerous upgrade options in close contact with users and engineers.

The CMAG™ flow meter can be positioned precisely where it is needed. Installation and commissioning requires only minimum effort, time and costs. A special version with an integrated digital display is available as well.

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