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Manufacturing high quality powdered dairy products depends on proven, safe processes and robust, hygienic components and equipment. GEA offers decades of experience as a technology partner to the industry, and today we are one of the world’s largest suppliers of complete, integrated plants for processing dairy-based milk powder products. Every day, around the world, millions of liters of milk are processed into dry milk products by plants that have been configured and equipped by GEA.

Powder nutritional formula

A world of powdered milk products

  • Whole milk powder

    Whole milk powder is recognized globally as an easy-to-use, shelf-stable staple for any food cupboard. Easily reconstituted by mixing with water, whole milk powder provides a convenient option for a healthy, fresh-flavored drink, any time of day. Whole milk powders are also key ingredients in a wide range of food products – from baby foods to confectionary and bakery products.

  • Skim milk powder

    Skim milk powder is almost 100% fat free and provides important functional and nutritional minerals and proteins to many food products. Just like whole milk powder, skim milk powder is also a user-friendly, staple option that just needs to be mixed with water to make a fast and tasty nutritious drink. 

  • Fat-filled milk powder

    Fat-filled milk powder is an alternative to whole milk powder, in which the dairy fats are substituted for vegetable oils that are rich in essential fatty acids.

  • Buttermilk powder

    Buttermilk powder is rich in natural milk lecithin, and offers unique emulsification properties that are ideal for processing high quality bakery products and dressings. 

  • Coffee and tea whitener

    Coffee and tea whiteners are formulations of milk powder that can be dissolved in hot tea and coffee without forming lumps or sediments in the drink. Consumers also enjoy the organoleptic properties that whiteners provide, including smoothness of taste and a creamy color. Coffee and tea whiteners can be produced to contain different levels of fat, and are commonly formulated using also non-dairy additives.

Milk glass

GEA understands that manufacturing free-flowing, stable and soluble milk powders relies on finely controlled, precise processing at every stage. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, end-to-end lines and control systems that can automate and optimize your complete process, from milk treatment and ingredients dosing, to selection of the correct standardization, mixing and spray-drying parameters. We take care of every detail and also offer fast, resource-efficient clean-in-place plants that mean less time spent manual cleaning, and reduced use of water and chemicals. 

Our process systems ensure that your products retain maximum nutritional value, and key functional properties such as agglomeration and stability. Working with GEA you can be confident that your plant will give you maximum productivity from key ingredients, with fewer bottlenecks and delays, and reduced waste. 

Components and complete solutions for every stage

GEA is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end process technologies and solutions for milk powder products.

  • Milk and ingredients reception and storage
  • Handling of dry and liquid ingredients
  • Standardization
  • Microbial removal
  • Minor ingredients handling and dosing 
  • Formulation
  • Mixing of dry and liquid ingredients 
  • Powder dosing
  • Heat treatment
  • Concentration
  • Homogenization
  • Evaporation 
  • Spray drying
  • Powder storage, mixing and pre-gassing
  • Powder handling, filling and post-gassing 
  • Packaging into bulk formats 

Expert project management, automation and traceability for top quality milk powders

Our dedicated project management teams oversee each project, from conceptualization to final commissioning of complete plants and systems. 

GEA offers a wide range of options for low and high levels of automation that can be configured to help ensure optimum plant performance, safety and efficiency. Going one step further GEA has also developed the GEA Cube® software modules, which offer an even greater level of plant oversight and control, so you have the assurance of full transparency at every stage of processing. 

The GEA Cube® Traceability module, for example, provides a complete audit trail for raw materials and ingredients throughout the process and into the final product. Complete transparency satisfies regulatory, commercial and consumer demands for traceability of ingredients and final products. 

GEA Cube® software modules help our customers to realize higher product quality and more effective use of resources and equipment, which means lower costs and increased profits. 


Dedicated process expertise and test centers

New product development involves considerable investment in time, expertise, resources and equipment. GEA has built dedicated test centers to help ease the pressures of new product and process development, by providing access to critical technologies, including separation, formulation, mixing, evaporation, and drying. Please click on the “Test Center” tab here to find out more about our test centers for dairy-based products.

Resource-saving solutions for environmentally sensitive processing

GEA works closely with the industry to identify new opportunities for saving energy and resources, and for improving environmental sustainability. We have developed versatile technologies, including heat pumps and process-critical cooling systems, designed to minimize energy and water use, reduce waste, and where possible recycle. Some of the largest milk powder plants delivered by GEA feature processes that extract water from the milk during evaporation, and then filter and recycle the water for use elsewhere in the plant.

Hygienic plant design and efficient cleaning

GEA technologies are designed to meet the latest food hygiene, quality and safety standards. Our durable, maintenance-friendly plants can be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently using CIP (clean-in-place) systems that can save on water and detergent use and costs. Automated cleaning frees personnel to carry out other key tasks, and enables faster cleaning cycles. Combined benefits include increased productivity and reduced delays. Reducing down time means improved plant utilization, which increases the return on your investment and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Flexible service options ensure optimized plant performance

Working with GEA means partnering with a dedicated team of service experts. Our focus is to build, maintain, and improve your performance throughout the entire life cycle of the plant and its equipment.

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