GEA MultiJector

The GEA MultiJector is a multi-purpose brine injector that does not compromise on the accuracy or performance you can get from an application-specific machine. It sets new standards for hygiene, food safety and cleanability. It is a flexible solution for injecting bone-in, boneless and delicate products, and is packed with cutting-edge technology that adds value to your products and processes.

GEA MultiJector

GEA MultiJector

To ensure consistent vertical brine distribution throughout the full depth of the product and therefore guaranteeing  consistent product quality, the MultiJector combines proven GEA technology, such as linear movement of the needles and dynamic brine flow. In conventional brine injectors, the needles travel up and down with sinusoidal movement. 

This means the vertical speed of needle is slower at the top and bottom of the product than in the middle. The result is uneven vertical brine distribution. To overcome this unwanted effect, GEA developed a technique to ensure the needle’s linear speed is constant throughout the whole injection stroke. This linear movement ensures consistent brine distribution throughout the whole depth of the product. To further contribute to a controlled brine injection, the GEA MultiJector incorporates an adjustable needle depth and adjustable product height. The right needle depth avoids brine pockets occurring in bottom fat layers of, for example belly sides and skin-on products. The right product height avoids capacity loss as a result of head-travel time outside the meat. With help of analyzed fluid dynamics, a consistent brine flow is guaranteed throughout the system. The machine is equipped with a custom made centrifugal pump that delivers a constant brine pressure, regardless of the number of open needles. A proven feature of all GEA brine injectors is the automatic brine feed stop.

This ensures automatic retraction of each individual needle into the airhead when it hits bone or another obstruction. When the needle hits bone, the brine feed for that individual needle is cut off, avoiding brine pockets around the bone. To protect delicate bones, the airhead pressure is adjustable, so that needles retract even when hitting small bones in for example chicken wings. The airhead pressure is program controlled, so that delicate chicken wing bones are automatically protected when changing to the 'chicken wings' program. When selected, the MultiJector can ensure individual needle activation and brine flow based on the product surface contours. This minimizes return brine and additional brine heating for products with variable product heights such as ham. The stripper plate solely functions to keep the product in place, without pressing on the product due to the weightlessness of the

• Consistent and even brine distribution
• Lineair vertical movement
• Highly controlled injection
• Individual needle brine control
• All parameters are set from the control panel

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