GEA V-Packer + M-Weigher

The combination of a multihead weigher model and a continuous motion vertical packaging machine, resulted in the creation of a system that guarantees high precision and efficiency in the weighing and packaging of snacks. The whole system is manufactured according to simple and innovative concepts.

GEA V-Packer with M-Weigher

The Snacks Packaging unit is a high-speed reliable system, featuring great quality of components, which sharply reduce parts wear and maintenance time. The M-Weighter is equipped with long-shaped nests that allow small and light product not to accumulate. It features a feeding cone and a central plate controlled by loading cell and, alternatively, by photocell. Product coming out of the multihead weigher is then conveyed towards the vertical packaging machine V-Packer. The packaging machine is equipped with MCR sealing jaws (rotating type movement) and its main movements are driven by brushless independent motors. Film cutting is extremely precise and reliable thanks to vacuum pull belts which guarantee a highly accurate cutting pitch and reduce belt wear, and thanks to the fiber optic sensors that controls the transversal automatic film centering device and machine stop device for film breakage.

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