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Инновационная концепция безразборной мойки компании GEA соответствует самым высоким требованиям. Наши специалисты гарантируют надежность системы в любой точке технологического процесса. Любая модернизация проводится в соответствии с особыми местными условиями и требованиям заказчика и приводит к ощутимой экономии средств.

Cleaning & Sterilization

To meet today’s strict requirements, manufacturing plants must satisfy the highest hygienic standards to avoid product degradation and contamination during routine operation. CIP is a commonly used method for plant cleaning during the production process when hygiene is paramount. Correct cleaning is essential and, with GEA, you can expect to benefit from our expertise and experience, and our market-leading solutions that meet your individual cleaning needs.

Cost-Effective Cleaning

Although it's not always essential to embrace innovation or make significant capital investments to improve existing CIP systems, the underlying principles are constantly challenged by innovation and potential benefits should be carefully considered. In addition, incremental changes can be made to existing systems to save water, chemical use, time and energy by

  • optimizing process plant design
  • optimizing production scheduling to minimize changeovers
  • move from a simple CIP set-up to a multiple tank system with recovery 
  • raising staff awareness about the cost and environmental impact of CIP 
  • minimizing detergent loss 
  • selecting environmentally friendly detergents and disinfectants 
  • using water-efficient spray devices
  • considering novel and innovative approaches to CIP.


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