Handling Systems Convair 2000 Air Conveyors

Convair 2000 air conveyors for empty PET bottles reduce power consumption by 30%, reduce bottle jams, are easy to clean and can be managed to provide optimum performance for a wide range of applications.

A range of three advanced air conveyors featuring GEA's unique blowing system is the result of a long professional experience in conveyor manufacturing. The aim of this project was to develop a high-efficiency conveyor with a high level of contamination control over the containers on their way from the blowing to the filling unit.

Key to the system are the new blowing slots within a plastic structure mounted directly above the bottle neck guides. These direct air jets very precisely to the bottle neck ring area to create an air cushion that greatly reduces friction. This feature improves power efficiency on the Convair 2000 by over 30%; requires fewer blowing stations (one every 14 meters); and bottle jams are greatly reduced.

Air cushion design gives greater bottle sliding ability and low friction bottle guides allow the Convair 2000 to handle a wide range of bottles.

Closely spaced inspection windows allowing access for manual cleaning of the blowing chamber are a standard feature. A fully automated CIP system, with high pressure nozzles for the internal blowing chamber, is available as an option for aseptic applications.

The minimized number of blowing stations required by air conveyors Convair 2000, and the wide range of combining/dividing systems available, allow easy installation. A quick neck guide change (‘clip-on guides’) is also available as an option for maintenance purposes for neck sizes from 28 mm to 38 mm.

Bottle guides are manufactured with low friction material. Pneumatic guides are available as an option to provide automatic format change-over. Numerous access doors make the frame easy to clean and to inspect.

GEA air conveyors use customized operating logic to manage the process. This features frequency converters on all motors to obtain an intelligent air flow modulation and offers up to three different speeds for each bottle format (nominal speed, fast recovery speed, accumulation) with the opportunity to select the correct speed for each working situation through the PLC without any intervention by operators.

The Convair 2000 is available in three different versions:

  • BASIC model: open frame and blowing station with basic dust filter on aspiration (G3 class - UNI 779).
  • PROCLEAN model: completely closed frame and blowing station with double dust filtration; a HEPA filter (H11 class - UNI 779) is placed after the basic filter.
  • ASEPTIC model: completely closed frame and blowing station in stainless steel with triple (G3, H11, H13 classes - UNI779) dust filtration. The total filtration level achieved is 99.99% DOP according to photometric test method.