Super Slider Pump

The Super Slider Pump is a versatile 8” Super Pump of adjustable length capable of being used in manure pits of different depths on dairy, hog and beef farms.

The Super Slider Pump adjusts to different lengths and is easy to maneuver, allowing operators to move quickly from one pit to the next. Its dual-nozzle design and visual indicators provide superior agitation performance and greater convenience for the operator.

Just one pump to get the work done

Today, one farm may have multiple manure pits of multiple depths. As hog farms grow, buildings are built with different depth pits based upon current animal housing practices, manure storage capacity and integrator barn design requirements. In addition, as dairy and beef farms grow, building placement, local geological conditions (water table depth or bedrock) and required storage capacity may determine pit depth. Normally, if a farm has different manure pit depths, separate manure pumps would be required.

Furthermore, custom manure haulers or contractors are often operating on several different farms during the season. Typically, it would require separate manure pumps to service customers of 8, 10,12 ft (2.5, 3, 3.5 m) and deeper manure pits. This requires additional coordination to move between customers and ensure the proper equipment is available for each customer.

GEA provides a solution for both farms and custom manure haulers with the adjustable Super Slider Pump.

Key features on the Super Slider Pump

  • Optional dual nozzle agitation
  • Intuitive nozzle and rotative valve position indicators
  • The Super Slider Pump is available in two models: for pit depths from 8 to 12 feet (2.44 to 3.66 m) and from 10 to 16 feet (3.05 to 4.88 m)
  • Optimal PTO driveline alignment in any depth of pit
  • Excellent maneuverability for easy loading and unloading from the manure pit

Super Slider Pump

Super Slider Pump
Super Slider Pump

GEA Manure Management, the super slider


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