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GEA ProManure E2000

Put the focus on performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety: For sustainable manure management GEA’s ProManure product line offers you intelligent solutions from manure removal systems in barns to proper manure transport and manure application in fields* all the way to processing in manure separators for fertilizer or bedding material.

The product range offers you a wide selection of high-performing manure technology with reliable equipment. With GEA’s ProManure product line, you benefit from profitable advantages for the bottom line of your farm. Years of know-how, as well as tried and tested concepts for manure handling, help you get the most out of nutrients in an efficient, environmentally friendly way.

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Landrynoise Farm gaat de weg op met de GEA-mestoplegger van de STR-serie

Vergroot uw werkgebied, net zoals Landrynoise Farm, met de mestoplegger van de STR-serie


GEA uses its Electromix pump to achieve the impossible

GEA has supplied its top-performing Electromix pump to a farmer in Ceredigion, South Wales to pump sand-laden manure over 200 metres away from the cow shed to the slurry store. The site is at Trefaesfach Farm in Ceredigion. Farmers Simon and Cristopher Stanfield decided to improve the housing for their dairy cows by building a new, 300 ft-long shed, adjacent to the existing buildings. The Stanfields decided to use deep sand bedding as it is both comfortable for the animals and it helps to reduce the incidences of mastitis.

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