GEA Aquarius TwistWrapper


Good looking, high quality, wrapping differentiates your products and therefore will make sure your product will be recognized and will make sure that customers wants to buy your product. Our GEA Aquarius wrapping equipment such as our TwistWrapper machinery as well as BunchWrapper machinery will make sure that the high quality and appealing wrapping you would like to achieve is met with your and your customer’s expectations. The machine is suitable for heat-sealable wrapping materials such as cellophane, polypropylene and laminates.

TwistWrapper is renowned for output and wrapping quality

Working principle

The lollipops are being transported through the hopper towards the feeding disk. Unwrapped lollipops are transported further via take over wheels towards the twisthead. The heating system with contactless energy transfers the seals around the stick with consisten quality after which the wrapped lollipops are being transported out of the wrapping machine via a chute or popcounter system. When wrapping with the overlapseal option the film type you need to use is polypropylene. Type 1: a single inner side sealing layer with memory. Type 2: a double sealing layer (inner + outer side). The machine achieves its high speeed through smooth film handling, precise cutting and automatic feeding. When using the option automatic splicing unit, the automatic change of film is being ensured without standstill of the wrapping machine.

  • Using less film
  • Controlled temperature on each individual sealing station
  • Consistent sealing quality via induction heating (patented)
  • Automatic film change without standstill wrapping machine
  • Closed machine housing 


To enhance efficiency the TwistWrapper can be enhanced with a double film reel support, splicing unit and/ or a PopCounter that automatically counts lollipops or rejects pre-defined imperfect wrapped lollipops. TwistWrapper 600 with overlapseal: The standard TwistWrapper 600 with overlapseal is a continuous wrapping machine that handles lollipop diameters from 18 to 30 mm and accommodates film reels up to 420 mm in diameter. The minimum wrapping speed is determined to 600 lollipops per minute. Depending on diameter lollipop, film cutting length and number of sorting positions in sorting disk the output can be higher. This needs to be determined by tests with original unwrapped lollipops and original film material. 

  • Double film reel support/ splicing unit
  • Popcounter
  • Hygienic stainless steel design
  • Strong reduction of wear and failure sensitive parts

Output quality

The TwistWrapper is renowned for the output and wrapping quality all over the world. Specially developed with the needs of wholesalers and retailers in mind the option overlapseal has been developed for this machine. It is a hermetically sealed twist wrap style that considerably extends the shelf life of the lollipop, particularly in areas with high atmospheric humidity. With the tear slit, the OverlapSeal double-twist is extremely easy to open. 

  • Up to 30% less usage of film
  • EasyOpen with a tear slit when using overlapseal
  • Completely sealed lollipop when using overlapseal 


When using the Twistwrapper machine with several additional system options such a container filling system or a PopFeeder system to automatically feed the lollipops towards the wrapping machines are available so you can make you customized line solutions from forming - cooling - wrapping. Automated container filling system: After wrapping the lollipops the lollipops are being transported via two seperate shutes toward the container filling system and a certain preset number of lollipops will be filled into a container and transported further to a central point. PopFeeder system: to automatically feed the cooled lollipops out of the PopCooler B towards the Popfeeder central discharge conveyor to feed the unwrapped lollipops towards the wrapping machines and transport them out of the TwistWrapper towards a central point. 

  • Automated container filling system (optional)
  • Popfeeder system (optional)
  • Line solutions

Test performance of our machinery in our Technology Center in Weert

GEA Twistwrapper Twist Wrap Seal
GEA Twistwrapper Twist Wrap Seal


Our company stands for high quality and reliable machinery. We can demonstrate you the excellent performance of our machinery in our new Technology Center in Weert. You are invited to our Technology Center to: - Demonstrate with original product and film - Confirm capacity - Test your different films - Perform seal tests - Configure best label solutions - Train and instruct your operators/ maintenance team Furthermore we ensure reliability via our customer support department. Dedicated GEA Aquarius teams work in research and development, production and installation, together with product support and after sales service. All ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition. GEA Aquarius provides extended warranties and global customer support with a 24/7 helpdesk. Our objective is to ensure your machinery is available when you need it.  

  • Technology center
  • Customer support department
  • 24/7 helpdesk 


After every 8 to 10 hours production the machine needs to be cleaned according to a cleaning schedule which is included in our manual of the machine. All GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery have a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery are conform the essential requirements of hygiene constructions as stated in the CE marking.  

  • Improved hygiene
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Protected against aggressive sugar dust  


All GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery have a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA Aquarius Lollipop machinery are conform with the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives.

  • CE marking
  • Extensive machine damage protection system standard  


The machines are standard supplied with a PLC and touch screen. In combination with user friendly GEA controls and additional options such as back up power control and remote service, this will generate increased efficiency. The optional automatic monitoring of production can also ensure labor savings and a number of other cost savings.  

  • PLC
  • Touch screen
  • User friendly GEA controls
  • Back up power control (optional)
  • Remote control service (optional)


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