CNS medication

CNS medication

We supply proven solutions for manufacturing central nervous system drugs, tackling challenges such as containment, intranasal delivery, small-scale R&D, etc

Manufacturing CNS Medication

There are many different types of drugs that work on the central nervous system (CNS), including anesthetics, anticonvulsants, antiemetics, anti-Parkinson agents, stimulants, muscle relaxants and sedatives.

As many of these products can cause serious side-effects from occupational exposure, containment is a key aspect to consider during the manufacturing process. As containment experts, we not only offer the largest variety of solutions for contained processing, but also unrivaled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution based on a containment risk analysis.

Delivering medication to the central nervous system remains challenging, which is why the industry continues to look at alternative methods of administration, such as the intranasal route or the use of colloidal drug carriers.

For inhalable versions, homogeneity and stability are key factors. Our dry powder blending, spray drying and particle engineering capabilities ensure that the production of free-flowing, aerodynamic particles at the correct size is achievable at the scale you need.

We also supply proven solutions for solid dispersions for bioavailability enhancement, such as extrusion, spheronization and a complete engineering service from system design to process integration and optimization.

Furthermore, we understand that during early research and development (R&D), the availability of the active ingredient is often limited. As such, there is an absolute requirement for process equipment that is capable of producing just a few hundred grams of finished product to fast-track new drug formulations. 

Designed for small-scale and R&D applications, particularly with potent actives, the PharmaConnect®-PLUS — based on the established combination of a single control unit with a diverse range of process modules — is GEA’s modular granulation, extrusion/spheronization and blending system that offers an unbeatable range of process types and capacities, and also integrates with the Flexstream range of fluidized bed processors.

In addition, the ConsiGma® 4.0 platform combines Quality by Design (QbD) principles with DoE to explore and optimize a wide range of process parameters with less product in a shorter time frame.

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