Process cooling & refrigeration

Process cooling & refrigeration for diverse applications

GEA’s process cooling and refrigeration offering combines proven expertise and an integrated approach to meeting customers’ critical requirements. With more than 600 project references around the world, GEA technologies have demonstrated reliable performance in oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical industrial contexts.

Proven solutions – from a single source

GEA process systems solutions deliver precision and flexibility across a range of technical specifications, including compressor technology, refrigerants, refrigeration temperatures and power capacity. Beyond technology, GEA serves as a single-source of responsibility throughout the project lifecycle, providing solutions which are not restricted to the use of GEA technologies. GEA engineers have proven their ability and commitment to finding solutions for the most demanding oil and gas projects — onshore, offshore, and around the globe. 

Technology matters

A comprehensive selection of compressor technologies unlocks a range of capacity capabilities: 

  • Oil injected screw 
  • Dry screw 
  • Centrifugal  
  • Reciprocating  

GEA technologies are applied to a breadth of applications: 

  • Onshore/offshore production 
  • Natural gas processing 
  • Dew point control 

GEA’s low-temperature units enable refrigeration levels from cryogenic to ambient temperatures. 

 We offer a complete set of refrigerants and process fluids:  

  • Freon/Hydrofluorocarbons 
  • Ammonia 
  • Hydrocarbons 
  • CO₂ 
  • Mixed refrigerant 

Customer-focused flexibility

GEA’s depth of competency lies in highly specialized and technically demanding project profiles, including offshore and time-constrained project delivery. 

 Our solutions are custom-designed in line with customer priorities and requirements. 

- For gas processing plants, GEA’s refrigeration equipment supports dew point control and separation of various gas constituents, such as ethane, propane, butane, and light gasoline.  

- For petrochemical plants and refineries, GEA provides equipment and refrigeration systems that perform a range of chemical facility functions and satisfy stringent specifications and industry codes.  

- GEA’s customized solution packages incorporate training, feasibility studies, HYSYS process simulation, as well as analysis of safety, HAZOP, FMECA and maintenance programs. 

Producten & technologieën

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