Technologie de vide

Mélangeur à jets de liquide

Les mélangeurs à jets de liquide de type fm1, qui sont basés sur la technologie éprouvée des pompes à jet, sont souvent utilisés pour mélanger et faire circuler des liquides.

GEA JetmixStar

The GEA JetmixStar consists of a customized, jet mixer system validated by using a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model.

Liquid jet mixers are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to mix and circulate liquids in vessels, reactors, storage tanks and neutralization basins.

The liquid jet coming out of the motive nozzle generates a partial vacuum in the inlet cone of the diffuser, pulling liquid from the surrounding area of the liquid jet mixer inside the tank. The motive jet mixes with the entrained liquid and accelerates its flow. The liquid mixture emerging from the liquid jet mixer spreads out in conical form and entrains more liquid from its surroundings in the tank.

If one or several of such liquid jet mixers are correctly arranged, a three-dimensional flow is created in the tank which mixes all liquid and solid contents in the tank homogeneously.


  • No moving parts.
  • Low to no maintenance.
  • Can be installed in virtually all positions.
  • Quick and easy start-up and operation.
  • Almost unlimited service life -if a suitable material of construction is chosen.
  • Various materials of construction and designs possible.
  • Low investment costs.
  • Simple and reliable.
  • Hardly subject to any wear off – even if solid particles are contained in the liquid.

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