Le houblon, c'est top ! Mais un grand volume de bière parfaitement brassée se perd dans le procédé avec les matières solides de houblon, l'excédent de levure et le trouble. Et ce sont aussi de grosses sommes d'argent qui s'évaporent. Mais avec un skid centrifuge « Plug & Win » GEA, vous pouvez exploiter la bière au maximum et en vendre plus. Nous avons la solution parfaitement adaptée aux brasseries, petites et grandes !

Skids centrifuges pour brasseurs de bières artisanales et producteurs de cidre disponibles en quatre tailles

Skids centrifuges pour brasseurs de bières artisanales et producteurs de cidre disponibles en quatre tailles

Give your brew the spin it deserves

The game-changing GEA plug & win i craft beer centrifuge is now better than ever with a sustainable direct drive and with automated valves to maintain the perfect look, feel, and quality of your beer with safety and ease, batch after batch! 

Resource efficient solution

As one of our most resource-efficient solutions, our GEA plug & win i separator skid carries the GEA Add Better label.* The high-efficiency motor transfers energy directly to the bowl without the use of belts and clutches. This reduces the energy consumption of the GEA plug & win i by up to 10% compared to the predecessor model. 
The GEA plug & win i has also service intervals extended by 100% and a noise level reduced to below 76 dB(A) during operation. 
Brassage artisanal « Plug & Win » GEA

*The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA plug & win i separator skid released in September 2022. The comparison refers to its predecessor model, the GEA plug & win separator skid. Figures have been validated according ISO 14021 byTÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • up to 10 percent less energy consumption 
  • convenient noise level below 76 dB(A) during operation 
  • about 30 percent less machine footprint 
  • up to 100 percent longer service intervals –less downtimes, more availability 

More beer in less time while safeguarding consistent quality.

  • 5 to 10 percent more beer from the same amount of raw ingredients (depending on beer recipe and brewing process) 
  • Same amounts of beer brewed with decisively reduced effort (less energy and hours of work) 
  • Multi-purpose applications in the brewing process to take your business to the next level! 
  • Reproducible quality: Comprehensive automation options make sure your beer comes out right every time.

No oxygen pick-up

The patented GEA twin hydrohermetic sealing on GEA’s beer centrifuges completely seals the product from the atmosphere, eliminating numerous problems for the brewer. Oxygen is safely kept away from the beer, simply with water and CO2 used in a wear-free sealing system on the top of the bowl. The beer is fed gently into the bowl via the hydrohermetic feed system

Safe inline carbonation as an option

Plug and win craft skid with inline carbonation
The plug & win i centrifuge skid offers an optional carbonation extension, eliminating the need for a separate unit and tank. Inline carbonation provides exceptionally precise control that ensures consistency across batches, no matter the size of the brewery. Packaging is possible shortly after inline carbonation and separation. 

Watch GEA plug & win i performing at Pott’s brewery

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