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Transport trucks and trailers play a key role in maintaining the cold chain during the transport of fresh food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or industrial goods. Today’s reliable refrigeration systems mean that any manner of products can be transported in a controlled atmosphere and arrive at their destinations in optimal conditions.

GEA vehicle and semi-hermetic compressors used for transport refrigeration

GEA’s vehicle FK compressors and suction gas-cooled HG compressors are ideally suited to transport refrigeration machines, and are found at the heart of many refrigeration systems in trucks and trailers. 

The vehicle FK compressors are characterized by their lightweight, compact and highly robust design, and feature a wide speed range and an efficient operating performance. This range can be tailored to your specific requirements. The N version compressor with universal valve plate system  is suitable for all applications, while the TK version has additional optimization for deep freezing.

Trucks and trailers can also be equipped with semi-hermetic compressors. The suction gas-cooled HG compressors ensure sustainability and efficiency in the field of transport refrigeration. Smooth and silent operation, easy maintenance, efficiency and reliability, the HG series is, as with GEA compressors, built to the highest quality standards.  


Video about FK40 compressors for transport refrigeration

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