A plus you cannot ignore


A plus you cannot ignore


The new standard in thermoforming

Based on our in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and more than 60 years of technology expertise in thermoforming, the new PowerPak PLUS series is packed with innovations, all driving towards a common goal: making your products better and your work easier and more efficient! 

Main applications

Main applications GEA PowerPak Thermoformers

GEA PowerPak PLUS embraces an abundance of packaging types. A single machine for air, vacuum, MAP, steam, skin, topforming and shrink packaging with various easy opening and reclosability features. The main variety of food products include meat, processed meat, poultry, fish & seafood, dairy, bakery, convenience foods, fruits & vegetables. The GEA PowerPak PLUS can also pack medical and technical goods. 


  • Motor-driven film unwinding systems in combination with web tensioning systems provide controlled film unwinding to improve sealing seam quality
  • Automatic monitoring and regulating of the axial position of the bottom and top webs 
  • Motorized and controllable web tensioning systems for optimal film tension, extremely low and even forces on the top and bottom web
  • Outstanding GEA valve technology for monitored evacuation and gassing processes


  • Over 98% uptime, monitored and proven in the field
  • Massive and robust frame concept. GEA membrane sealing system ensures tight and even seals
  • Strongest film transport chain with servo drives keeps the film in optimal position 
  • Maintenance-free lifting systems for forming and sealing


  • GEA PowerChange enables quick, efficient and fast die set configuration changes 
  • Divided deep draw lid for quick die set change-overs. Automatic film thickness compensation
  • Automatic film replacement positions shorten replacement times and reduce film consumption
  • Vertically moveable safety doors for easy and quick access and interventions

Advanced technology

Motor-driven film unwinding and web tensioning system

The unwinding systems for the top and bottom films are motorized and synchronized with the machine's advancing cycle. In combination with the innovative web tensioning system, they facilitate a controlled unwinding, a simplified and secure film path. This means optimum film tension due to extremely low and even force progression on the sealing seams.  An automatic film replacement position and a simplified and shortened film path cut film replacement times and film consumption when changing.

Axial film position monitoring system

For the top and bottom films, it is possible to adjust the transverse position during operation. The axial position of the films is automatically monitored and regulated by means of an adjustment control. Film tracking or curvature of the top and bottom film will be automatically adjusted. Top- and bottom web fit accurately to each other.

Options GEA PowerPak PLUS

GEA OxyCheck

GEA OxyCheck is an in-line quality control system that checks the residual oxygen content and seal integrity of every single Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP) that leaves a thermoformer PowerPak PLUS. It is the world's first non-invasive oxygen measurement system for MAP, and the only solution currently available for in-line quality control that inspects 100% of the packages produced.

GEA TiroLabel PLUS

Cross web labeling system for perfect integration into GEA thermoformers. Simple to operate and programme. Extremely high operating speed. Labels sophisticated packaging with millimeter accuracy. Fast and flexible conversion. Reliable results, even on uneven surfaces. Motor-driven positioning unit on top and bottom with spring-loaded pins enables non-pneumatic labeling.

GEA PowerGuide

GEA PowerGuide Converger family is a versatile transport solution for the out-feed of a thermoformer. It converges from 2-6 tracks to one and achieves a speed of up to 250 packages per minute. It is positioned after the cutting station of a thermoformer and its transport speed is synchronized with the packaging machine's speed.

GEA CombiPick

GEA CombiPick is a combined single pack pick-and-place and converger system for end-of-line applications on GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoformer configurations. It works with quality control systems that identify packs that do not meet specifications. In addition to a pick-and-place assembly that picks up just the good packs from the belt, it converges up to six lanes to a single lane outfeed.

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