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Our cutting-edge technology from GEA ensures the highest standards in dry pasta quality, including homogeneous color, uniform shape, and perfect consistency. Beyond production, we prioritize environmental sustainability, safety, and efficiency. Explore our pioneering research and complete range of dry pasta processing equipment.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond production, prioritizing environmental sustainability, safety, and community development. With cutting-edge technology from GEA for the dry pasta production, we ensure the highest standards in dry pasta quality, including homogeneous color, uniform shape, and perfect consistency.

Pioneering research

At GEA, innovation is not just a goal-it is our driving force. We continuously push the boundaries of technology, developing futuristic solutions and perfecting them to perfection revolutionizing the way dry pasta made and yielding higher quality products in less time. Our continuous research and the knowledge we have acquired over the years enables us to create cutting-edge processing lines with technological innovations that have become the new standard in industrial dry pasta production.


Short-Cut Pasta


Long-Cut Pasta


Nest-Shaped Pasta

Crafting the perfect pasta experience.

High-quality pasta stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of discerning consumers worldwide. A superior product boasts a uniform hue, consistent in shape, length, and thickness, ensuring visual appeal and structural integrity. Yet, its excellence transcends appearance, with the perfect balance of firmness and elasticity delivering a delightful culinary experience.

Versatility is key, as top-tier pasta seamlessly adapts to diverse consumption patterns, from dry dishes to soups, sauces, and salads. Behind these culinary marvels lie technological advancements that have become standard in the pasta production. Innovative drying techniques and precision engineering elevate even low-gluten or protein flours to yield exceptional end results. In this synthesis of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, each strand of pasta embodies the essence of quality, satisfying the palates of consumers with unwavering excellence.

Principles of excellence in pasta production

Adherence to fundamental principles is key in crafting high-quality pasta. These principles prioritize enhancing the production chain, ensuring environmental sustainability, and fostering community well-being. A top-tier process embodies environmental friendliness, minimizing ecological impact through energy-efficient designs and optimized lines. Human rights are upheld, ensuring safety, maintenance ease, and ergonomic infrastructure. Local materials stimulate regional development and cut transportation costs, fostering a sustainable, economically viable ecosystem. Through these, exceptional pasta is crafted, catering to consumer needs while championing social and environmental responsibility.

R&D Technology Center

Behind every technological breakthrough lies extensive research, and at GEA Pasta, Extrusion and Milling technologies we prioritize research and development. Our dedicated R&D area, complete with pilot plants, flexible production lines, and cutting-edge analysis laboratories, ensures that every aspect of pasta production is meticulously tested and optimized.
Dies and moulds

GEA Dies and Moulds Department studies and develops systems that cover all the shaping process phases in pasta and snack processing lines, including shaping, cutting, cleaning and maintenance of the dies.

Inserts play a central role in not only shaping the pasta but also influencing its coloring and overall appeal at the end of the process. GEA Pasta, Milling and Extrusion provides an extensive selection of over 800 pasta formats to satisfy the most diverse market demands, offering also the possibility to create new inserts from scratch, for a personalized pasta and snacks shape. Our precision engineering lies at the heart of creating flawless pasta shapes, optimizing efficiency in your production process.

gea dies and moulds

Dies and Moulds

GEA Dies and Moulds Department studies and develops systems that cover all the shaping process phases in pasta and snack processing lines, including shaping, cutting, cleaning and maintenance of the dies. GEA provides equipment...



GEA experience and know-how in pasta production is reflected in the study of packaging solutions aimed at improving the appeal of the final product. Our in-depth expertise in each stage of the dry pasta production chain enables...


Storage and Handling

GEA offers complete systems or individual machines for conveying, dosing, cleaning, recycling and storage of flour, grains and short pasta. Our advanced technology, applied to design and production, makes it possible to optimize...


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At GEA, facilitating the advancement of new projects in the dry pasta industry is our ongoing mission. We specialize in assisting you in designing customized production processes, analyzing raw materials, developing new pasta formats, conducting product testing, and much more. Let's get in touch with our team of experts at GEA to enhance your business and bring your pasta production goals to the next level.

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