Empowering customers with resource-efficient solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Add Better Label

For more informed and sustainable decisions

What is the value of a engineering solution that operates more efficiently and reliably over a longer lifespan and consumes less energy and natural resources? Is it the lower cost of ownership and higher operational resilience? Is it the impact on the environment for a better world? It's hard to put a number on a better future. That's why we decided to give it a label.

The Add Better label highlights innovative GEA solutions that are significantly more resource-efficient than their predecessors - from industrial machines and processes to digital solutions to entire plants. With this label, our customers can choose from a selection of advanced products that not only deliver improved performance but also offer proven resource efficiency.

GEA Sustainable Engineering

Sustainability value

Developing more efficient solutions means offering high-performance engineering solutions while helping you to minimize your environmental impact and make a tangible contribution to achieving your goals.

GEA General Customer

Significant resource savings

Focusing on significant resource savings, the Add Better label enables you to identify GEA's sustainable solutions that help you save water and energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize waste.

GEA Best Practice

The Add Better standard

The Add Better standard ensures that every product undergoes an assessment based on industry standards and concrete data, meeting the ISO 14021:2016 ecolabel requirements. Each calculation is validated by TÜV Rheinland.

GEA‘s Add Better solutions

Our independently validated Add Better products offer better performance and resource efficiency compared to predecessor products. Solutions range from a marine separator that uses up to 9 percent less energy to a water saving unit that reduces the cooling water consumption for separators by 100%. More than twenty solutions carry already the Add Better lablel.

Separators for Marine

Marine Separation

GEA’s high-efficiency Marine Separator with integrated direct drive transfers energy directly to the bowl to reduce energy consumption by 9% over the predecessor model.

GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit

Centrifuge Cooling

The GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit reduces the cooling water consumption for separators by 100% compared to conventional cooling.

NexGen Press 30 with ECM out

Rotary Tablet Press

The GEA NexGen Press® 30 achieves a remarkable 21% reduction in power consumption compared to previous ranges of tablet presses.

Reduced costs and higher efficiency

From a single product to entire productions and consulting services

Add Better is our commitment to empower you to reach your goals through sustainable and future-proofed solutions. The Add Better label is only given to products that are significantly better than their predecessors when it comes to efficiency and environmental impact.

But beyond that, we also support our customers in setting the right path and evaluating their strategies - with Add Better Consulting.

Add Better consulting

Discover tailor-made decarbonization strategies with Add Better Consulting

By combining GEA's leading expertise in the food and beverage industry with heating and cooling technology into a holistic sustainability consulting approach, Add Better Consulting delivers more than just an analysis.

We provide you with tailored decarbonization strategies and solutions and concrete budget considerations, closing the gap that traditional audits often overlook.

Let us support you in bringing your climate strategy to life.

Add Better Process

A TÜV-validated environmental label for resource-efficient solutions

The “Add Better” label and the underlying evaluation process – from data collection to calculation and documentation – complies with the strict and transparent requirements for ecolabels in the ISO 14021 standard. ISO 14021 defines a number of stringent requirements - but it does not require validation by TÜV.

GEA took this additional step on its own. Why? Because we are engineers and a reliable and trustworthy labeling is crucial for our customers. We wanted to get our evaluation processes right, benefit from TÜV’s input, and let our customers know that transparency is our priority with Add Better.

In close collaboration with TÜV Rheinland, we developed a rigorous data collection, calculation and documentation process that is used since 2023 to assess a wide range of GEA solutions and expand our Add Better portfolio.

Stefan Klebert CEO

"We are committed to transparency and think this adds real value for customers – it empowers them to make smart investments in sustainability."

Stefan Klebert, CEO, GEA

Nadine Sterley CSO

"Robust, transparent data is going to be foundational to effective collaboration with customers and other partners moving forward."

Dr. Nadine Sterley, CSO, GEA

Susanne Jorre and Norbert Heidelmann TUV

"The trustworthy labels should get the attention they deserve, because innovative solutions are critical to achieving global climate targets."

Susanne Jorre, Norbert Heidelmann, TÜV Rheinland

The clear choice for sustainability

Transparency empowers our customers to make smart decisions – and real progress – towards a greener future.

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