Yes, you heard right: Kloud is a South Korean beer brewed according to the German Beer Purity Law. When Lotte Chilsung Beverage of Chungju, South Korea, launched the new brand in the domestic beer market in 2014, it caused quite a stir. Demand quickly exceeded capacity, which led to a new greenfield brewery being built—and entirely by GEA.

South Korean drinks giant Lotte Chilsung Beverage is quite demanding, both in terms of its products and its partners: Entrepreneurial decisions must adhere to strict corporate social values and principles, which embrace the economical and mindful use of resources. For this reason, sustainability criteria were a high priority throughout the planning and development phase of the new brewery. Quality, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and environmental protection were high on the agenda when selecting suppliers.

A perfect beer achieved through eco-friendly brewing

In order tobrew a perfect beer in an environmentally conscious way, Lotte turned to GEA. As one of the world's leading planners and manufacturers of greenfield breweries, we were awarded the design, delivery, and installation of the new brewery, which ultimately tripled production capacity, bringing it up to two million hectolitres of beer per year. The brewhouse technology, the entire cold block, the malt reception and the utilities are entirely from GEA. Soo Nam Enterprise, with whom GEA has a trusting partnership, supported the project on-site in South Korea. Following two years of construction, the sitewas ready for production in mid-2017.

Technology à la GEA

Kloud Lotte Bottle 맥주500ml 제품만 원고 and Kloud Lotte Tin 캔원고 제품만
Kloud Lotte Bottle 맥주500ml 제품만 원고 and Kloud Lotte Tin 캔원고 제품만

The design of the new brewery enables the handling of raw materials through to the transfer of the finished product for packaging. The brewing and production equipment are based on the latest GEA technologies and our proven design criteria:

  • The brewhouse has a capacity of 1,200 hectolitres per brew and can deliver 12 brews within a 24-hour operating period. For the lautering process, Lotte chose the new LAUTERSTAR® system from GEA which incorporates the latest design in wort collection and sparging. The constant high extract yield is monitored and guaranteed by the GEA Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM).
  • To accommodate gentle wort boiling with low steam pressure, GEA installed its JETSTAR® two-phase wort boiling system for simmering and evaporation. The tremendous flexibility of the JETSTAR® accommodates the brewing of different brands, each with their own special characteristics. The energy recovery system reduces thermal energy consumption by more than 30 percent.
  • For the brewery’s cold block, Lotte required maximum flexibility, combined with the highest safety standard, but at reasonable cost.. The design incorporates the ECO-MATRIX® piping system with GEA double seat mixproof valves.
  • YEAST-STAR® system was also installed for yeast propagation and management, with GEA GSC- and HFE series separators used for green beer separation and beer recovery.
  • As beer filtration plays a decisive role within the production process, GEA installed two membrane filtration systems with polymeric membranes each of which will have an associated GEA separator,together with an in-line stabilization and cold sterile filtration system. This configuration with redundancy built in will ensure continuous operation to maximize capacity.
  • GEA also supplied all of the large outdoor cylindrical-conical tanks (CCTs) and bright beer tanks (BBTs). The tank parts were pre-manufactured elsewhere and then assembled and insulated on-site. Tank installation took one year to complete, some of it taking place during South Korea’s winter months. 

A Braumat system underpins all process automation, and covers the full production area, including raw material handling and utilities, from a central control room.