Wort Boiling with JETSTAR®

The JETSTAR® provides an innovative process in atmospheric kettles: two-phase boiling. With two separate steps, the wort is gently and efficiently boiled using the wort using an internal boiler in natural circulation.

In the first phase, the conversion process, the subject system provides a more homogeneous circulation with minimum thermal stress. In the second phase, the two-level wort spreader ensures intensive evaporation. Intermediate cleaning during wort boiling is not required. JETSTAR® can be supplied as part of a new installation or easily retrofitted to existing plants

Optimized wort boiling solutions from a single source

To achieve optimal results in the hot phase in the brewhouse, both the practice of wort boiling and energy management need to be considered as one entity. This is precisely what GEA does. We see the process as an integrated package comprising the heating stage, the actual wort boiling, wort treatment during cast-out and cooling.
Each individual step plays a decisive role on the next one and contributes to the overall optimization of the process in terms of outstanding beer quality and high efficiency. Our open concept provides plenty of possibilities for process improvement, is retrofit-compatible and makes a positive contribution to your product quality.

Your benefits at a glance

•    Innovative wort boiling process with two-phase boiling – the thermal conversion processes and evaporation are independent from each other
•    Natural circulation evaporator – no additional circulation pump required
•    Reduced pulsation
•    Efficient evaporation with a two-level wort spreader
•    Stationary operating conditions during wort heating
•    Homogenous wort mixing in the wort kettle with low TBI values
•    Better hop yield owing to higher average temperatures in the wort kettle
•    Technological flexibility enables varied recipe design for special beer types
•    Easy to retrofit into existing wort kettles
•    Hygienic design facilitates cleaning
•    Energy efficient and works well with any type of energy storage system
•    Intelligent Wort Management (IWM) software compatible

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