Transload Mechanical Shiploader

Shiploading plants for loading any type of vessel with small and big flow rates

TRANSLOAD can load any type of free flowing or not free flowing product; the plant is designed in different configurations according to the flow rate for loading, to the size of the vessel and to the layout of the new or existing berth where the plant will be installed.

Main features

  • For vessel up to 120.000 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage)
  • Fixed or mobile on rails or wheels 
  • Handling capacity : 50 TPH to 2.000 TPH (Tonnes Per Hour) 
  • Golfetto Sangati in-house designed Self Regulating Dust Suppressor system also for directing and distributing the product flow 
  • Full remote control system


  • Very low energy consumption in operation 
  • Peak capacity 10% to 15% higher than rated capacity 
  • Extremely versatile during operations thanks to the wide range of movements allowed and to the equipment installed onboard

TRANSLOAD is available also in a fixed configuration with multiple loading booms in two main versions, the first is dedicated to small capacity installation like river ports (from 100 to 500 ton per hours for each boom) and the second is dedicated to very high capacity installations (from 1.500 to 3.000 ton per hours for each boom); the system is a cost effective solution suitable for loading very small to very big ships.

A new concept of INTERNAL COUNTERWEIGHT has been designed in the recent installations: counterweight is often necessary in mobile equipment and this solution avoids “external” counterweight saving space on the jetty.

Kick-in kick out system with special dust suppressor

Transload Kick in - Kick out

With a slewing ring driven by electric geared motor on the upper part for rotating the dust suppressor of maximum 180° according to the loading angle. The loader works as a braking box, for slowing down the flow, when in kick-in or in kick-out the spout is rotated downwards for pushing the product towards the hold sides.

The lower part of the suppressor is provided with an adjustable flap which automatically sets its opening according to the flow of product to form a plug of product at the extremity which stops the dust. Ceramic tiles lining in more exposed point to wear. 

  • Reducing Dust 
  • Enviromental Friendly 
  • Efficient and fast ship loading performance 
  • Reduction of total time to load the ship (15/20%)

Grain Handling


Port of Yuzhni - Ukraine 

  • Transload Shiploader on rails 
  • Capacity: 2.000 tph 

Port of Costanta - Romania 

  • Transload Shiploader on rails 
  • Construction of the full Grain terminal

Capacity: 800 tph 

Jebel Ali - United Arab Emirates 

  • Transload Shiploader on rails 
  • Capacity: 800 tph 

Ankara Port of Derince - Turkey 

  • Transload Shiploader on rails 
  • Capacity: 1.400 tph

Gdynia Port - Poland 

  • One Combined Loader/Unloader on tires 
  • Capacity: 400 tph 

Lampung Port - Indonesia 

  • One Combined Loader/Unloader on rails 
  • Capacity: 400 tph 

Ankara Port of Iskendrun - Turkey 

  • Transload Shiploader on rails 
  • Capacity: 300 tph