Spray Dryer COMPACT DRYER™ Spray Dryer

The COMPACT DRYER™ is the perfect choice whether it is a matter of whey powder or dense milk-powder production.

By design, the COMPACT DRYER™ is equally ideal for products such as whey and other slightly sticky products as for the production of fine powders or dense agglomerates. Depending on the specific requirements, the dryer can be configured with a Rotary Atomizer or a nozzle atomizing system. Whichever configuration, the solution will meet requirements to efficiency and hygienic design; and, owing to its compact design, the compact dryer will require less space than other Spray Dryers of the same capacity.

The drying process


The COMPACT DRYER™ is a Spray Dryer with integrated Fluid Bed formed like a ring around the air outlet at the bottom of the drying chamber.

The concentrate is atomized and fed it into the top of the drying chamber by either a set of nozzles or a Rotary Atomizer. The drying air enters vertically through the air disperser at a high velocity to ensure optimal mixing with the atomized concentrate. Evaporation takes place instantaneously while the droplets pass through the drying chamber to the integrated Fluid Bed at the bottom for additional drying. From here the powder is discharged into a VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ Fluid Bed where the final drying and cooling takes place.

Because of the air outlet in the bottom of the COMPACT DRYER™ agglomeration only takes place in the Fluid Bed which results in dense agglomerates.