High performance clarifier Clarifiers for Beverages

High performance GEA clarifiers for beverages with continuous and automatic operation in hygienic design.

GEA clarifier for beverages are designed in hygienic design and allow for the reliable separation of the finest solid particles possible by the increased centrifugal acceleration. The gentle product feed by the hydrohermetic feed avoids shear forces on the product. The result is a more gentle treatment and an optimum clarifying effect, particularly for sensitive products. Oxidation pick up is prevented by the hydrohermetic seal. In comparison with mechanical seals, the hydrohermetic seal is completely wear-free and fully CIP-compatible. With patented GEA hydrostop system which ejects the solids from the separator bowl at operating speed for a fully continuous operation and short payback periods.

Automatic ejection control systems for optimized automation is available. Control systems are available to react to differing feed concentrations and define the right time for solids ejection.




GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus 提供各种客户服务级别选项,可扩展到常规预防性维护之外,是作为客户工业 4.0 战略方面的补充。

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