Filtration Solutions for Pet Food Ingredients

GEA specializes in cross-flow membrane filtration — microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration — and reverse osmosis solutions for essential pet food components and flavorings derived from meat and plant extracts


From the isolation, separation and the commercialization of nutrients such as protein, we custom design each and every system to provide large and small filtration systems that meet your specific needs, as well as both polymeric and inorganic membrane systems for a wide variety of applications and products.
Nanofiltration, which utilizes less porous membranes than ultrafiltration, is sometimes incorporated to achieve the separation and concentration of key ingredients that is not possible with ultrafiltration.
The integration of reverse osmosis and evaporation offers energy efficient dewatering as a way to prepare purified ingredients for spray drying.
Reverse osmosis can also be used to treat by-products such as the ultrafiltration or nanofiltration permeates or evaporation condensate to generate water than can be reused in the process or used for cleaning.
Offering significant separation and purification opportunities and delivering noteworthy benefits in terms of engineering, production, installation, support and testing, as well as product development and quality, our experts are available to assist with everything from membrane selection to final system design.
And, with fully equipped process development laboratories at regional centers around the world, we can help you with everything from small volume feasibility evaluations to large-scale optimization trials. We can also provide pilot plant units with different membrane types for on-site trials, as well as benchtop models and continuous or semiautomated plant for scale-up tests.