Effective mixing with BATCH FORMULA® from GEA

Getting a perfect mix is an essential part of food ingredient processing. Achieving a smooth, homogenous mix without ‘fish eyes’ or lumps, in the shortest possible time, minimizes costs and produces ingredients that can be easily integrated into processes. The repeatability of every step in the mixing process is important to deliver reliable product quality.


GEA 高剪切批量搅拌机

The BATCH FORMULA® Mixer from GEA uniquely introduces the powder via vacuum below the liquid surface. This instantly wets and deaerates the powder thereby creating a uniform, homogenous, highly stable product with a long shelf life. The high shear device produces very small oil droplets to achieve a stable, consistent emulsion. 

The fully-enclosed, hygienic system provides both high shear and no shear mixing, can accommodate a wide range of products on the same machine and includes the following key features: heating and cooling jacket; direct steam injection; flash cooling and/or evaporation by vacuum; and a wide range of stators and knives. The BATCH FORMULA® Mixer also features an agitator for blending fragile ingredients. Controlled operating conditions ensure consistent repeatable processing. 

The one-pot design minimizes energy usage, saves time and optimizes both clean-in-place (CIP) processes and profitability. The vessel can be drained 100% for fast batch-to-batch changeover making it ideal for manufacturers wanting to produce several types of ingredients on the same processing line. The technology can be configured for batch or continuous operation as required.


The market leading BATCH FORMULA® Test Mixer help customers to prepare recipes and establish process parameters before investing in full-scale plant. The technology provides reliable scale up to full production with enhanced hygiene, flexibility and efficiency all with a 25% smaller footprint.

Example applications:

  • Coffee and tea whitener
  • Fermentation derived ingredients
  • Flavors
  • Vegetable proteins